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Mars & Mercury: Budha (Mercury) Maha Dasa Phala, Chapter XXVII, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

jj) Budha with malefic aspect. Separation from relatives; loss of agricultural produce; foreign travel; change of environments; servitude; quarrels resulting in troubles to native.

kk) BUDHA MAHA DASA PHALA, will be as follows, if BUDHA is conjunct or aspected by other planets as indicated below:-


i) Budha in Moudya. VIVIDHAPADAM MAN DUKHAM various troubles and mental unrest); enemity with king and relatives; eye or ear diseases; financial losses and blurred intelligence.

ii) Budha conjunct or aspected by Surya. Death or troubles to mother.


Budha conjunct or aspected by Chandra. Little happiness and little gains.


Conjunct or aspected by KUJA Diseases arising through wounds/ulcers.


Conjunct or aspected by Guru. Birth of son; quarrels or litigation over landed property; gain of various things and prosperity and loss of same before the end of the Maha Dasa.


Budha conjunct or aspected by Sukra Diseases to wife.


Conjunct or aspected by Sani. Grief; loss of relatives; quarrels and misunderstandings.


Budha conjunct Rahu/Ketu. ANISHTA PHALA PRADHA (Malefic effects).

Gulika (or Mandi)

Theft; mental upsets; forgetfulness (derangement of brain in extreme cases); skin diseases; troubles from enemies.


Monetary gains from various sources including through (10 Brahmins of learned people (ii) DOOTHA KARMA (messenger-ship); being praised by Pandits and learned people; celebrity; gain of gold, horses, land, happiness prosperity; cleverness in witty talk and in business or profession; growth of intelligence; charitable deeds; vulgar talk; incentive; being fettered; mental agony; diseases due to upset of Pitha, Vatha and Sleshma.

mm) Generally in a favourable BUDHA MAHA DASA, there will be feasting in honour; respect from cultured people; blessings from preceptor; diplomacy in talk; eagerness to help others; PATTABHISHEKHA (Coronation for kings – for ordinary folk, professional elevation); contentment on the part of wife and children due to good actions of achievements; wealth. These benefits and auspicious effects will occur according to the strength and benefic nature of MERCURY.

nn) Budha in AROHA (proceedings towards exaltation)

Professional elevation; gain of a decorated house.

oo) Budha in Avaroha (proceeding towards debilitation)

KASTHA PHALA PRADHA (Malefic results); loss of position and quarrels and misunderstanding with relatives. These without doubt.

3. BUDHA MAHA DASA PHALA is as follows, according to the sign occupied in birth chart:-


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