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Mars & Mercury: Budha (Mercury) Maha Dasa Phala, Chapter XXVII, Part - 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

10th Bhava – KEERTI VARDHANAM Reputation increases); Gain of wealth on a large scale; abundance of cereals at home.

11th Bhava – BAHU LABHAM (great gains); appreciation of properties; increase in powers wielded by the native; increased agricultural gains.

12th Bhava – Having to reside in unhealthy places; loss of relatives; suffering losses in the matter of property and cattle; various troubles and having to live in foreign place.

Bukti Phalas In Budha Maha Dasa: BUDHA BHUKTI = 28 months 27 days.
(a) The following are the Bukti phalas of BUDHA BUKTI in BUDHA MAHA DASA, with reference to various Yogas.

i) If Bukti natha Budha in Kendra; trikona, 3 or 11th from Lagna or in exaltation:- Marriage of relatives and auspicious functions; gain of money through sales; Gain of money from overseas; gain of various kinds of precious stones. Increase in powers wielded by the native and gain of decorated house; gain of knowledge; listening of Hari Katha or scriptural teachings; daily charities of food; company of relatives; happiness from wife and birth of a son.

ii) If bukti natha Budha in Dushsthana from Lagna, debilitation, conjunct malefic or KUJA:
Troubles to wife and children and other relatives; mental worries; failures in undertakings; grief; having to reside outside his house; King’s anger; irreligious practices; company of women in menses; untimely meals.

(b) The following are the SPECIAL EFFECTS, in addition to those mentioned above if bukti natha BUDHA IS conjunct of suspected by:

Surya – Command of a fort or equivalent professional elevation; prosperity to paternal relations; satisfaction of king without doubt.

Chandra – Happiness with wife and birth of son; acquire costly jewels; abundance of cereals at home.

Kuja – Increase of enemies in battle; quarrels with distant relatives; reverses in business.

Guru – Birth of son without doubt; meeting highly placed persons or preceptor; seeing something unprecedented.

Sukra – Acquisition of colorful dress and conveyance; gain of authority or increase in powers wielded by native.

Sani – Anger of king; degradation to the extent of being imprisoned; bitterness with relatives.
(c) If bukti natha BUDHA is lord of or posited in 2nd or 7th from Lagna: Fear of death through diseases for native or his wife or blood relations. The shanty for warding off this Dasa phala is VISHNU SAHASRAKA and LAXMI NARAYAN (golden image) DAN, after which the native will enjoy prosperity.

Ketu Bukti = 11 months & 27 days

(a) The following are the effects of KETU BUKTI in BUDHA MAHA DASA with reference to various Yogas:- i) If bukti natha KETU is in Kendra, trikona, 3, 6 or 11th from Lagna or in exaltation:-

Defeat of enemies in battlefield; increase of reputation and status; costly presents from king; increase of conveyances and paraphernalia; BHAGINI VAMSA VRIDHI (additions in Sister’s family); acquisition of cereals; gain of money through women; seeing something unprecedented; meeting religious Guru or preceptor; success in desired directions;


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