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Mars & Mercury: Budha (Mercury) Maha Dasa Phala, Chapter XXVII, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

p) Budha conjunct with an exalted planet. Great happiness; wealth of the native goes on increasing comparable to that of waxing moon; business gains and increased monetary income; knowledge of God.

q) Budha conjunct with a debilitated planet. Great distress; loss of position; loss of relatives and loss of profession; mental unrest.

r) Budha with Exalted Navamsa. Birth of sons and gain of ornaments; mentally a happy state of affairs; pleasures of association with women; enthusiasm; valour; bath in sacred waters.

s) Budha with debilitated Navamsa. Hand to mouth living by any means; adopting questionable means; being put to shame.

t) Budha in exaltation but with debilitated Navamsa.Professional elevation, great fame, and happiness but loss of all these abruptly.

u) Budha in debilitation but with exalted Navamsa. Inauspicious results in the beginning of the Maha Dasa but auspicious results, happiness and prosperity in the end of theMaha Dasa.

v) Budha in MOOLA TRIKONA. Gain of wealth; birth of son; full comforts as a householder; appreciation of landed and household properties; agricultural income; BAHU BHOOSHANA RATNA LABHA (Heavy gain of precious stones and ornaments).

w) Budha in own sign. Great happiness; Affection and company of brothers; Workshop of LORD VISHNU and Brahmins; happiness from King.

x) Budha in an intimate friend’s house. Acquaintance with king; prosperity and happiness to wife and children; increase inland holding, cereals and wealth; fame; ADHIKARA LABHA (gain of authority).

y) Budha in friend’s house. Increase of agricultural produce; financial gains; business gains; gain of quadrupeds, clothes and precious stones.

z) Budha in an equal’s house. Little happiness; little gains; even health not very satisfactory and some troubles.

aa) Budha in enemy’s house. ATI KASHTAM (great troubles); opposition by own people; devoid of mental peace;

bb) Budha in bitter enemy’s house. Forsaking family customs and religious rites, in other words, getting irreligious, great troubles; mental agony; fear from king; opposition by close relatives; fear from king; loss of position and cattle.

cc) Budha in quadrants (Kendra) Increase of relatives; happiness due to birth of son; making charities every day.

dd) Budha in Dushsthana (6,8,12). Confiscation of native’s property or severe losses; Loss of position and loss of equals.

ee) Budha in benefic signs. Great fame; enjoyments of many kinds, honour by knd without fail; lustrous body; valour and fame.

ff) Budha in malefic signs. Loss of conveyance; opposition by relatives; troubles to equals.

gg) Budha conjunct benefic. Great happiness; prosperity; happiness from wife and children; company of relatives; happiness at home.

hh) Budha conjunct malefic. Loss of agricultural produce; opposition by brethren foreign travels; loss of position; company of women of questionable character; quarrels and urinary disorders.

ii) Budha with Subha Drishti. MAHATIMCHA KIRTI I (great reputation); respect from king as a result of academical achievements of the native; beauty; splendor and power.


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