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Mars & Mercury: Ashtakavarga of Mercury, Chapter XXIX, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The other planet most closely related with astrology is Jupiter due to its spiritual and scriptural undertones. Jupiter here is involved in a powerful Gaj Kesari yoga being in Kendra (10th) from the Moon. Jupiter is not only exalted, it also has 6 bindus in its own Bhinnashtakavarga. It has 5 bindus in Libra where the Moon is posited. The Moon has reciprocated abundantly by having 7 bindus in Cancer (its own house) where Jupiter is posited. Jupiter is also associated with 38 Sarvashtaka bindus. But, the most, important feature related to proficiency in astrology is Jupiter’s aspect on the 2nd house from the Lagna and having 6 bindus there. 2nd lord Mars is well placed in Lagna with Lagna lord Venus and 10th lord Moon, both benefics. 2nd house from Lagna has 5 bindus in Mercury’s Bhinnashtakavarga.

Thus, we see that the 2nd house is very well fortified making Mr. Rao an astrologer extraordinaire and a speaker par excellence.

11. Mercury well posited in a Kendra or a trikona associated with 5 bindus or more, conjunct with or aspected by Jupiter or Saturn, makes the native learned in scriptures.

12. If Mercury with 4 bindus is in Aries or Scorpio (signs of Mars) and happens to be in the Taurus or Libra Navamsa (signs of Venus) and is aspected by Jupiter, the person is a born poet, dramatist or a literature.

13. Mercury makes a person an incisive logician if it is associated with 5 bindus, is conjunct with Jupiter and has an associated with Mars.

Example: J.F. Kennedy was a prolific speech maker. His Mercury is conjunct Mars with 6 bindus. Mars is also his 3rd lord, the planet responsible for giving him excellent personal relations and communications.

14. Find out the signs that are being aspected by Jupiter. Pick out the one which has 4 or more bindus in Mercury’s Bhinnashtakavarga. If education is started at the time when Mercury is transiting such a sign, even a relatively dull student acquires proficiency.

15. For receiving the blessings of Lord Vishnu, propitiations should be done at a time when that sign is rising which contains the highest bindus in the Bhinnashtakavarga of Mercury.

16. Transit of Mercury is used very effectively by astrologers advising on stock-market fluctuations and commodity-trading. All the features of Mercury’s transit e.g., retrogression, becoming direct, combustion, change of sign are supposed to cause changes in stock-market trends on the short-term basis. Coupled with Ashtakavarga bindus, the bazaar-pundits can add higher degree of accuracy to their prediction.

Moon’s Ashtakavarga may indicate fluctuations on daily basis or even within the day.

Long term market trends are predicted through the transit of slower planets e.g., Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu, as also on the basis of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada Chart.

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