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Mars & Mercury: Diagnosis of Diseases - Mercury, Chapter XXX, Part - 1

Chapter 30

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Diseases given by Mercury are Chest, nerves, pox, epilepsy, fever, poison, nose, high fever, itches, fracture of bone, typhoid, madness or mental retarded, gall bladder, paralysis, fits, indigestion, cholera, mouth and skin diseases.

Now, Mercury is also the ruler of tissues fibers and cells and govern lungs. Affliction to Mercury can cause pulmonary disease. Further, the 3rd sign of the zodiac which Mercury is the lord, is connected with lungs bronchial and similar troubles.

Pathogenic effects of Mercury when posited in different signs are as follows:-

Aries:- Vertigo, neuralgia, nervous breakdown, brain fever, astigmatism, insanity, hysteria. By reflex action into Libra; Pituitary and functional disorders of the kidneys.

Taurus:- Speech implements hoarseness, parathyroid imbalance, stammering. By reflex action into Scorpio; nervous disturbances of the genitor urinary function.

Gemini:- Gouty pains in the arms, hands and shoulders, deafness, blood disorders, asthma, bronchitis, intercoastal neuralgia. By reflex action into Sagittarius hip and thigh pains.

Cancer:- Stomach cramps, nervous indigestion, flatulence, alcoholism, and tendency towards catching colds. By reflex action into Capricorn, colds and cough, legs and knees causing lameness.

Leo:- Heart palpitations, low back pain, convulsion, fainting spell, By reflex action into Aquarius, hysteria, insanity, colds in the feet and paralysis.

Virgo:- Diarrhoea, dysentery, gastric ulcer, nervous debility, asthma, shortness of breath.

Libra:- Renal paroxysms, suppression of the urine, lumbago. By reflex action into Aries, blood disorders, breast and lung disorders, nervous headache.

Scorpio:- Neuralgic pain in the bladder and genitals, menstrual troubles, bowel disorders. By reflex action into Taurus running pains in the arms and shoulder.

Sagittarius:- Sciatica, neuritis, chronic coughs, pains in hips, thighs and knee joints, weakness in the back. By reflex action into Gemini, nervous disorders.

Capricorn:- Rheumatism, back pains, acne, melancholia, hysteria, anxiety neurosis, mania. By reflex action into Cancer nervous indigestion, bowel disorders.

Aquarius:- Circulatory troubles, varicose veins, shooting pains in the various parts of the body, allergies, acidosis, diseases involving nerve fluids. By reflex action into Leo, Heart attack.

Pisces:- Phthisis, childlains, temporary amnesia, lassitude, weakness in the legs and feet. By reflex action into Virgo, headache, bowel disorders.

Mercury is the controller of our entire nervous system. He rules order the brain nerves, nose-nervous, intestinal nerves, lung-nerves abdominal nerves. So any affliction of Mercury by malefic may produce serious and chronic physical ailments. The sun gives the vital energy into our body and the Moon regulates the flow of this vital energy.

By Mercury can change the direction of this vital energy as well as raise or lower their vibratory force thereby causing serious physical disabilities.

Various Diseases which are governed by Mercury

Ashlesha 9th Star. 16o -40’ to 30o . Cancer Sign ruled by Moon and Star by Mercury.

Diseases: Vitamin `B’ deficiency, cold stomach, windiness, windpressing the diaphragm making it difficult to breathe, distillation of rhetum, pains in knees and legs, drunkenness, phlegm, flatulence, nephritis, hypochondria, hysteria, dropsy, jaundice, nervous, indigestion.

Jyeshta:- In Scorpio 16o -40’ to 30o . Sign ruled by Mars. Star governed by Mercury.

Diseases: Leucorrhoea, bleeding, piles, fistula, tumour, distemper in secret parts, affliction of bowels, pains in arms and shoulders.


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