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Mars & Mercury: Ashtakavarga of Mercury, Chapter XXIX, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Note: 2nd from Mercury will always have less than 8 as Mercury does not contribute a bindu in its 2nd place.

6. In the 2nd from Mercury, if the bindus are donated by malefic, the native’s speech will be deceitful and arrogant. In contrast, the benefics give sweet, harmonizing speech.

If the bindu is contributed by:

Sun – The speech is in the form of an imposing, wise counsel.

Saturn – The speech is vile, deceptive, improper and at the wrong time.

Mars – The speech is vain-glorious and causes discord.

Mercury – Sweet and clever speech.

Jupiter – Distinct and wise speech, full of erudition and knowledge of proper Texts.

Venus – Charming and delightful speech.

Moon Powerless Moon causes speech that is sluggish and full of doubts.

Strong Moon would cause it to be just the opposite.

7. If Mercury is posited in a house having very low bindus, lack of intelligence and common-sense is the result.

Note: Mercury can never occupy a house having no bindus, since (at least) Mercury would contribute a bindu in the first house from itself.

8. Mental lassitude is the result of Mercury’s transit of a bindu-less sign.

Proficiency in Astrology

Mercury has always been associated with proficiency in Astrology (along-with Jupiter) due to its rulership of speech, discrimination, intelligence and knowledge of scriptures.

9. If Mercury is in the 4th or 6th from Saturn, associated with 5 or more bindus and the 2nd from Lagna is aspected or occupied by Jupiter, the native becomes an eminent astrologer.

10. If Ketu is in a sign which has at least 3 bindus in Mercury’s Bhinnashtakavarga and it is in 5th house or with 5th lord, the native acquires great proficiency in all branches (mathematical and predictive) of astrology. Ketu is known to give a certain acuity to the mind towards whichever pursuit the intellect is engaged.

Example. Let us examine the horoscope of Mr. K.N. Rao, one of the very well known astrologers of our times, who not only uses numerous different techniques for predictions, but also teaches them. He is also an excellent orator.

Mercury is exalted in his horoscope though it has only 2 bindus in its own Bhinnashtakavarga. Deficiency of bindus brings Mercury’s exalted status a couple of notches down, yet Budhaditya Yoga and presence of Ketu in the yoga give it a certain acquity. This yoga is being aspected by Saturn which is the 5th lord. There are 4 bindus in the 2nd from Mercury.


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