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Mars & Mercury: Ashtakavarga of Mercury, Chapter XXIX, Part - 1

Chapter 29

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Unlike the shepherd, the gods do not use a cudgel to guard the Mortals. Instead, they protect the chosen ones by bestowing fine Intellect and wisdom upon them.

Mercury gives the following results when it is associated with 8 to 0 bindus:

8 bindus: Honour from the rulers, all-round good luck.

7 bindus: Wealth, happiness, learning, worry-less philanthropic living.

6 bindus: Success in all ventures, ability to comprehend intricate and complex matters.

5 bindus: New acquaintances with important people.

4 bindus: Lack of enthusiasm and focus in life.

3 bindus: Mental worries.

2 bindus: Misunderstandings with family members, sickness due to imbalance of Vata or Kapha (wind, bile or phlegm).

1 bindu: Enforced confinement, tormented by enemies.

0 bindu: Loss of property through enemy intrigues, fear of death.

Prominent indications of Mercury’s Bhinnashtakavarga

1. Mercury’s transit in a Kakshya having a bindu in its own Bhinnashtakavarga grants happiness and sweets (sumptuous meals). The native engages himself in charitable deeds.

2. Mercury’s transit in a bindu-less kakshya causes quarrels, bad dreams, untimely meals and uneasy mental state.

3. Family welfare maternal relations, equanimity of mind should be ascertained from the 4th house, literary talents and intellectual pursuits from 5th house and excellence of speech from 2nd house reckoned from Mercury.

Speech and articulation

4. From Mercury 2nd house should be strong to give proper expression to one’s thoughts by way of speech.

(a) If 2nd from Mercury does not have been 1 bindu, the person born may be dumb. This principle will come true if Mercury and 2nd from Lagna are also associated with very low bindus and in addition have other afflictions by malefic.

(b) If 2nd from Mercury contains 1, 2 or 3 bindus, the native will have unsteady and incoherent speech.

(c) If it contains 4, he will talk well but only when someone else has initiated the discussion; if 5 or 6, his speech will be praise-worthy and befitting the occasion. With 7 he will be a literary giant capable of composing poems extempore.

5. If 2nd from Lagna contains 7 bindus in Mercury’s Bhinnashtakavarga, the native will be a brilliant orator.


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