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Mars & Mercury: Planets – Aries & Scorpio Ascendant Ruled by Mars, Chapter XV, Part 1

Chapter 15

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets for Aries Ascendant


Sun being lord of a trine house is a benefic. Sun in its Dasa or Bhukti (Sub period) will give good results in regard to the affairs governed by the 5th house viz. the acquisition of progeny, the advancement of the prospects of progeny success in departmental examinations, profit from Government and from speculation. Sun should, however, be strong in order to give the above good results.


Under the rules of Parashar of natural benefit planet when lord of a Kendra ceases to be a benefic. But not much blemish attaches to Moon in this context. If Moon is strong by being away from the Sun, it would give good results in regard to mental peace, amenities of life, residential accommodation and advancement in life. If, on the other hand, Moon is weak it would give results opposite to those stated and being lord of the fourth house, i.e. lord of 8th and 9th give very adverse results in regard to his father’s health and longevity.


Mars has its Mool Trikon” sign in Lagna. It will primarily give the results of the first house. Hence, in its Dasa and Bhukti Mars will prove beneficial for wealth, health and name provided it is strong. If, however, it is weak it endangers life itself and gives such troubles as Piles, Fistula, Hydrocele. Mars in Scorpio for this Lagna is not good, being 8th from Lagna.


As lord of two bad houses viz. third and sixth Mercury is not supposed to give good results. The stronger it is the worse the results in regard to finances. The weaker it is the better the income. A weak Mercury will be bad for the health of younger sisters. In spite of what has been stated above if Mercury is influenced much by Mars, Jupiter and Moon it would give nice financial results, for in the case of Mercury there is the over riding condition that it gives the results according to the nature of planets influencing it.


Jupiter’s “Mool Trikon” sign falls in the ninth house. As lord and Karaka of ninth house Jupiter if strong will bring about favour from the teachers and will increase the prospects and comforts of father. It will give some wind fall. If weak it will indicate opposition from official of Government teachers and father, set back in career, opposition to religion etc.


Being lord of the 2nd and 7th houses it would give the effects of the 7th house. As lord of the 7th house Venus a natural benefic ceases to be a benefic. Hence in order to give good results in the financial sphere Venus should have on it benefic influence. If weak it will, however, be bad for health.


As lord of 10th Kendra Saturn ceases to be a malefic but since it is lord of the 11th house simultaneously it becomes a malefic again. But we may add in this connection that Saturn would be bad only in so far as health is concerned. As regards finances it would still be conducive to income provided of course if it is strong. If weak it would lower income.


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