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Mars & Mercury: Planets – Aries & Scorpio Ascendant Ruled by Mars, Chapter XV, Part 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets for Gemini Ascendant


The lord of the third house is not considered good, hence Sun will not give much good results in matters financial.


As lord of the second house, moon if strong, will give nice results in regard to finances, family, marriage, education speech etc. If, however, Moon is weak contrary would be the results in matters stated.


Mars becomes lord of sixth and eleventh houses both indicating in jury. Since Mars himself is also an in jury planet, if can inflict in jury particularly if it aspects the Lagna and its lord Mercury. By causing affliction Mars gives both income and losses alternatively.


Being lord of Lagna, Mercury is nice for wealth, health and longevity provided Mercury is strong. If weak if would give brain and emotional troubles, loss of wealth, opposition to relatives, bad relations with the public etc.


Being lord of two Kendra houses viz. 7th and 10th Jupiter ceases to be a benefic and if placed in maraca houses i.e., second, 7th etc. It can give serious physical trouble during its Dasa and bhukti. If, however, it is strong it is capable of conferring much benefit from government, wife and business, particularly the former.


It gives results of the 5th house. If strong Venus gives success in departmental examination, gives birth to progeny, increases the prospects of progeny, enhances financial condition. If it is weak contrary can be the results. If strong in fifth house, it can give woman affairs too.


As lord of 8th and 9th house it is more or less equally balanced, but since its mool trikon sign falls in the 9th house the house of luck Saturn it strong will enhance the prospects of career both of self and those of the father. If weak contrary would be the result.

Planets for Virgo Ascendant


As lord of the twelfth house the Sun is good if strong in which case there is favour from Government contacts with high people and wealth. But if it is weak, it will give eye trouble, much expenses and punishment from the Government.


As lord of 11th house Moon strong assures good income but it is not considered good for health if weak.


It becomes lord of third and 8th houses. As lord of two bad houses a strong Mars gives poverty but at the same time good longevity. A weak Mars is good for finances but not good for longevity. People having Mars in the tenth house should not consider it as strong for these houses it being third from Aries and 8th from Scorpio i.e. badly situated from each of its signs. In consequence it short tens life and is bad for finances.


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