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Mars & Mercury: Ashtakavarga of Mars, Chapter XIV, Part 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

4. The number of bindus, (before reductions) in the 3rd from Mars in Mars’ Bhinnashtakavarga indicate the number of brothers and sisters. The bindus contributed by male planets indicate brothers and rest sisters.

The welfare of brothers (survival or prosperity) is indicated by the nature of planets that have contributed the bindus. Bindus contributed by the planets in debility or in inimical signs should be eliminated.

5. When 8 bindus are associated with Mars and it is exalted or is in own house, identical with 9th, 4th, 1st or 10th house, the native becomes a multi-millionaire.

6. If Mars associated with 4 or more bindus is in Lagna and the Lagna is either, Aries, Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius or Capricorn, the native becomes equivalent to a king.

7. Mars having 6 bindus posited in 6th house being the lord of the 2nd house will give many enemies to the person, but he will enjoy life to the hilt right from childhood.

8. If Aries is the Lagna and Mars with 1 to 3 bindus is posited in Lagna, the Moon Lagna, 9th or 10th house, the native goes as an adopted son. Such a Mars should also be in conjunction with lower class planets as in debilitation.

9. If Mars or Saturn are in the 3rd from Lagna with 1 to 3 bindus, they cause loss of brothers. Their conjunction elsewhere can also lead to a similar tragedy.

10. If Mars and Saturn are in 6-8 position from each other with 1 to 3 bindus each in Mars’ Bhinnashtakavarga, it indicates loss of brothers. A malefic in the 3rd from Lagna will make this double sure.

Example: In our example horoscope though rules no. 9 and 10 are not applicable directly but JFK’s case is that of a man losing brothers, one after the other, in violent incidents. From the 3rd house (the house of younger co-borns) Mercury is the eighth lord conjoined with Mars which is not only a violent planet, it is also the Lagna lord (for the 3rd house) – exactly the same combination that applies to JFK himself i.e., Lagna lord with 8th lord, one of them being Mars. And this combination is being aspected by a vile Saturn having only 1 bindu in its own Bhinnashtakavarga. Mars has only 2 bindus in Saturn’s Bhinnashtakavarga. There is no support from Savashtaka either. All the signs involved have below 28 bindus. The house of co-borns, Scorpio has 25; Aries, where the combination of Lagna lord and 8th lord resides has 24; Cancer, where Saturn is posited also has 24 only.

Even the benefics, Jupiter and Venus that aspect the 3rd house have only 2 bindus in Scorpio and 2 bindus in Aries in Mars’ Bhinnashtakavarga and only 24 in Taurus where they are posited. In any case Venus is the 12th and 7th lord for the 3rd house and Jupiter is the lord of 2nd house – thus both benefics became maraca planets for younger co-borns.

Moreover, Mars the Lagna lord has only 2 bindus in Scorpio contributed by Mars and the Ascendant; Aries has 4 bindus contributed by Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus. Malefics are malefics, even benefics do not come to rescue, when death intends to strike.

Shanker Adawal

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