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Mars & Mercury: Mercury in Various Houses, Chapter XX, Part - 19


Dr. Shanker Adawal

My Experience: If Mercury is in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, the person’s good fortune begins after marriage and he also acquires great stability and consistency thereafter. He does well in his career and his siblings are willing to help him. He could be a publisher, editor, writer or other employee in a newspaper. He could be a teacher or in a similar profession. Basically his involvement is with professions where the process of learning continues life long. If Mercury is in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius the person could be a mathematician, astrologer, teacher, clerk etc. In Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn the person is a trader or is employed by one. In Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces the person is employed in the postal or telephone departments. They are excellent elemental scientists.

Mercury in the Tenth House

Acharya and Gunakar: Sukhashauryabhaak she. He is happy and brave.

Kalyanavarma: Pravaramatikarmachestthaha sakalaarambho vishaarado dashame. Dheeraha satvameto vividhaakalankaara satvabhaak saumye. He executes works that require superlative intelligence. He is brilliant in initiating works and projects. He is brave and industrious, powerful, strong, and wears many different types of ornaments.

Vasishtha: Roopaanvitatvam budhaha. He is good looking and happy.

Garg: Dheemaan dhaaro dharmachesto dharmavritiyutaha sada, Saatvikaha karmage saumye nanaalankaararavaan. He is of supreme intellect, brave, religious, lives according to the scriptures and weans many types of clothes and ornaments.

Baidhyanath: Vyaaparage chandrasute samastavidhyaayashovitavinodasheelaha. He is learned, prestigious, wealthy and talented.

Narayanabhatt: Mitam samvadan no mitam salambhet prasaadaadivaikaari sauraajavritihibudhe karmage poojaneeyovisheshaat. Pituhu sampado neetidandaadhikaaraat. He speaks less but benefits greatly. He is a royal employee. He gets great prestige from his father’s wealth.

Kashinath Acharya: Dashamasthe budhe jaato dhanadhaanyashonvitaha. Bahubhaagyashcha vijayi kaantiyuktashcha maanavaha. He has wealth and prestige. He is fortune, victorious in all he does and is law abiding.

Brihadyavanajaatak: Gyaataastyantashreshtthakarmaa manushyo naanaasampatsanyuto rajamaanyaha. Chanchalaleelaavaagvilaasaadhishaali maanasthaane bodhane vartamaane. He is knowledgeable, excels in everything he does. He collects curious and possessions of many kinds, is respected by the ruler, is mischievous and a good speaker. Videhi gokusharandanam cha. He gets wealth at the age of 19.

Jaageshwar: Budhe kaavyavidhyaa tatha shilapkairvaa sada vaahanaimartrisaukhyo naraha. He is an excellent poet and sculptor. He has a loving mother and many vehicles.

Aryagranthakar: Gurujanena hite nirato bahudhano dashame shashinandane nijabhujaarjitavitturangame bahudhanairniyatosamitabhaashanam. He looks after the welfare of the elderly, is wealthy, earns wealth through hard work, has many horses and speaks a lot.

Jayadeva: What he said has been covered above.

Punjaraj: Saumye kaabyakalpaavidhinaa shilpena lipyaa vanikloukaihikli bajanairdhanachayam yatsaahasaisoodhamaihi. He is a poet and a sculptor but gets his wealth from writing, trade or valour.

Gholap: He has friends, wealth family and a congenial relationship with his mother and the king. He studies the scriptures and lives according to them. He is a virtuous man, learned, respected, a poet, honoured by the king and one who devotes himself to religious and spiritual works.


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