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Mars & Mercury: Mercury in Various Houses, Chapter XX, Part - 20


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Gopal Ratnakar: He initiates auspicious works. He sees each project through to completion. His behaviour is not gracious and he suffers from eye diseases.

Hillajaatak: Digishasthaha saptadasho. He gets wealth at the age of 17.

Yavanmath: He is honoured, wealthy, and respected like a king.

Paaschaatya Math (Western Thought): He excels in trade and languages. His powers of concentration are high. His diction is excellent as his mathematical ability and grammar. He performs well as a broker, writer or grocer. These, however, are all applicable only if Mercury is exalted or in an auspicious influence.

Agyaath: Ashtavimshativarshe netrarogavaan. Arimuddapaapayute karmavighnavaan dushtakriti anaachaaraha. He gets eye diseases at the age of 28. If Mercury is adversely affected by any malefic influence, the person finds hindrances in every work he attempts. He does wrong deeds and is evil.

My Thoughts: All ancient astrologers have ascribed very beneficial attributes to Mercury in the Tenth House. Yavanjaatak and Hillajaatak’s references to getting great wealth as a teenager seem impossible, it is more likely that the person may inherit this rather than earn it. Jaageshwar’s contention that the person gets a very loving mother is worth observing. The references by an unknown astrologer to eye disease could develop as a consequence of reading too much. And he says this occurs at age 28. At the age of 28, in a person’s life, Mars becomes very proactive and hence it is likely that eye-strain caused by excessive brain activity could well result in the person getting eye infections. Otherwise there is no connection between eyes and the Tenth House. All the beneficial properties of Mercury are in the masculine signs and the negative ones in the feminine signs.

My Experience: Assuming that Mercury is alone in the Tenth House, I describe the following properties: In Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, the person’s is a clerk in departments where mathematics, writing, teaching, engineering are taught. In Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, the person can be a clerk in the survey department, public works department or postal department. In Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, he could be a linguist, a trader, commission agent, travel agent. In Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces the person can be a publisher, reporter, printer or financier. He may also do well as a stationery shop owner or a judicial stamp vendor. They spend their lives after retirement drawing a comfortable pension. If Mercury is beneficial in the Tenth House, the person has a loving mother.

Mercury in the Eleventh House

Acharya and Gunakar: Laabhe prabhutadhanavaan. He gets a lot of wealth.

Kalyanavarma: Dhanavaan vidheyabhrityaha praagyaha saukhyaaanvitaha. Ekaadasho budhe sthaane Bahvayuhu khyaatimaan prushaha. He is wealthy, has many servants, is knowledgeable, enjoys all manner of happiness and success, is long lived. He is a perfect man. Vashishtasaumyo visheshasubhangaha. He is knowledgeable and fortunate. Saukhyama saukhyavaan. Vaidhyanaath saumye laabhagrihagate nipunadheevidhyaa yashasvi dhani. Garga streevallabhotigunavaan, matimaan, sarvajanapriyaha. Laabhage somatanaye mandagni samapadhyate. He is beloved of women, virtuous, intelligent, has a poor appetite and popular.

Brihadyavanajaatak: Bhogaasaktosatyantavito vineeto nityaanandashchaarusheelo balishtthaha. Nanaavidhyabhyaasakrinmaanavaha syaallaabhasthaane nandane sheetabhaanoho. He tries many different types of food. He is very wealthy, courteous, soft-spoken, talented, powerful, strong, well versed in many sciences and arts. Curious about knowledge. Gya panchavede dhanam. He gets wealth at the age of 45.


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