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Mars & Mercury: Mercury in Various Houses, Chapter XX, Part - 18


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Aryagranthakar: Navamo saumyagrihe shashinandane dhanakalatrayutena samanvitaha bhavati paapayute vishayasthitaha shrutimandakaraha shashijodhyami. He has a good wife and a good house. If Mercury is with any malefic influence, the person takes to bad ways. He is disrespectful of the scriptures and wayward.

Kashinath: Dharme budhe dhaamikashcha koopaaraamaadikaarakaha. Satyavaadi cha daantashcha jaayate pitrivatsaruhu. He is religious, digs wells for a living, truthful, in control of his senses and respects his father.

Jaageshwar: Bhaveddharmasheelo dhiyaa yogaleelalha shrutasmaatarkamkarma kartaa dhanaaddachya. Bahveteertha kritasushtthuvakta yada syaath budhaha punyaabhaave naraanaam visheshaat. He is religious, intelligent, practices Yoga, lives according to the scriptures, a debater and he goes on many pilgrimages.

Mantreshwara: Vidhyaarthaachaaradharme saha tapasi budhe syaath praveenostasativaagmi. He is knowledgeable, wealthy, religious and excels in debate.

Gholap: He gains a lot of wealth. He has no dearth of women, house, children and material wealth. He is gracious, brave, has many friends, a good poet, devoid of anger, one who thinks of the common good, prosperous, generous and correct.

Gopal Ratnakar: He has many sons, loves music, dance, and theatre. Travelling in the southern directions is good for him. He is a debauch.

Hillajaatak: Ekonavimshatim navamo maatririshtham karoti cha. His mother dies when he is 19.

Yavanmath: He is generous, good, virtuous, religious, thinks of community good like a king would and is wealthy.

Paaschaatya Math (Western Thought): He is corrupt, excels in languages, develops his own intelligence, interested in new and unusual things. If Mercury is malefic, the person can go mad. If it is beneficial the person excels in all a languages that he cares to learn and can acquire fame as a nuclear physicist.

Agyaath: Bahuprajaasiddhaha. Vedashaashtravishaaradaha. Sangeetapaathakaha. Daakshinya vaan dhaarmikaha prataapavaan bahulaabhavaan. Pitrideerghayuhu. Paapayute paapakshetre paapaveekshanaat pitrinaashaha pitrikleshakaraha. Gurudweshi mandabhaagyaha budhamataanugaha. Bhaavadhipe balayute pitrideerghaayuhu. Tapodhyaanasheelavaan. Bhaagyavaan. Dhaarmikaha. He has many children. He is well versed with the scriptures and teaches music. He is winner, religious, brave and fortunate. If Mercury is malefic or in conjunction with any malefic planet, the person’s father contracts leprosy or dies. The person ends up as a mendicant. He can become a Buddhist. If the planetary influence in the Ninth House is strong, the person’s father enjoys a long life. He is meditative, focused and mentally strong.

My Thoughts: In the Ninth House, all the beneficial traits are seen in masculine signs and negative ones in feminine signs. Yavanjaatak and Hillajaatak are right about the mother’s death but the unknown astrologer’s contention about the father’s death is wrong. As Saturn enters the Ninth House, there is a possibility of the mother dying. Yavanjaatak has made a reference that the person’s good fortune begins at the age of 32 but the position of the Sun in relation to Mercury must be checked when making predictions of this sort.


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