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Mars & Mercury: Mercury in Various Houses, Chapter XX, Part - 15


Dr. Shanker Adawal

My thoughts: Though Acharya and Gunakar have said that the person is religious, I believe that religion is in the jurisdiction of the Ninth House and hence this is incorrect. Baidhyanath says that the person’s body is diseased but I think that even if there is a malefic influence in the Seventh House, this will not occur. How this can take place if Mercury is retrograde is not clear. Brihadyavanajaatak and Hillajaatak have made references to the person getting married at an early age. This may well have been true in earlier times when child marriages were the norm but these traits are impossible in this day and age. Similarly the benefit of travelling in a carriage should also be understood in context. In earlier times, only the gentry or the very learned could travel in a hand lifted carriage so this could be considered an attribute then. Kalyanavarma says the wife is from an ordinary family, this only serves to prove that there were inter-class marriages then too. Narayanabhatt and Jaageshwar have both said that the person is not brave but then I find it difficult to understand how the person can be beloved of women if he is not brave. Garg’s statements can be interpreted in two ways. The first, that the person’s wife has many children and secondly that her father has many children. All the astrologers have ascribed positive attributes to masculine signs and negative attributes to feminine signs.

My Experience: If Mercury is in a masculine sign the person’s wife is beautiful and good. Her face is authoritative and slightly elongated. Her hair is black, long, thick, lustrous but dry. Her physique is wiry and slightly masculine. Her voice is heavy. She is brave, educated, a debater, but not very respectful to her husband and can be quarrelsome. If Mercury is in a feminine sign, the wife’s face is round. Her hair is wavy, long and silky. She speaks sharply but her voice is melodious. She is respectful to her husband and loving to people. Even if she is more educated than her husband she treats him with respect. She is well behaved, attractive and worldly wise. If Mercury is in Gemini, Libra or Sagittarius the person is usually a teacher, a scholar, a school principal, a lawyer, a book seller, a publisher etc. In Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, the person becomes a trader, a clerk or a typist. In Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, the person is a compounder or a clerk in a government office. In Aries or Virgo the person is fortunate and stable. He has to travel a lot.

Mercury in the Eighth House

Acharya and Gunakar: Vishurtugunakhyaattaha. He is famous because of his virtue.

Kalyanavarma: Vikhyaatanaamasaarashchiranjeevi kuladharo nidhanasansthe. Shashitanaye bhavati naro nripatisamo dandanaayako vaaspi. He is glorious, long lived, of a good lineage, as influential as a king or a general.

Baidhyanath: Vinatibaahulyagunaprasiddho dhani sudhrashmisutesshtamasthe. He is courteous, soft-spoken and revered for such habits. He is wealthy and famous.

Vasishtha: Sarve graham dinakarapramukhaa nitaantam mrityusthithaa vitanute kiladushtabuddhim. Shaastrabhighaatapaaripeeditagaatrayashti saukhyavairviheenamatirogagunairoopetam. Irrespective of which planet is in the Eighth House there is only one outcome: he is of evil temperament, diseased and devoid of happiness. If he ventures near the scriptures he suffers from body aches. This astrologer has also described one more benefit – meaningfully gained wealth.

Parashar: Mritau bandhuviheenatvamcha bandhanam. He has no friends. He has to undergo a prison sentence.

Garg: Karoti mrityum nidhasthito budhaha sukhena teerthe sukhade niraavile. Shoolaghrajanghodararogapeedaa paapaha pighaayaantakaro naraanaam. He dies as a place of pilgrimage and he dies peacefully. If Mercury is in an inauspicious influence, the person suffers from infection in his stomach or thigh.


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