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Mars & Mercury: Mercury in Various Houses, Chapter XX, Part - 14


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Brihadyavanajaatak: Chaarusheelavibhavairalamkrita satyavaaksu nirato naro bhaveth. Kaaminikanakasunoosanyuktaa Kaaminibhavanagaamininduje. This person is talented, wealthy, truthful, has many sons from his wife. Shashijaha kalatre stryaaptim. He gets a wife at the age of seven.

Kashinath: Saptamasthe somaputre roopavidhyadhiko naraha. Susheelaha kaamashaastregye naarimaanashcha jaayate. He is good looking, learned and talented. He is a skilled lover and beloved of women.

Mantreshwara: Praagyoste charuveshaha sasakalamaahimaa yaati bhaaryaa savitaam. This person is intelligent, holds a high position, dresses well and marries a rich woman.

Narayanabhatt: Sutaha sheetagoho saptamesham yuvatyaa vidhyate tatha tuchaveeryam cha bhaage. Annastagate hemavat dehashobhaa na shaavanoti tatsampado vaanukurtam. If Mercury is retrograde the person does not get a wife. If it is retrograde he does not get a wife but is inordinately brave. His body glows like gold and he possesses untold of wealth.

Jeevanath: It is the same as Narayanabhatt.

Jayadeva: Dharmavitsuvachanaha shubhasheelaha kaaminikanakasaukhyayutosste. He understands religion. He speaks well, is talented, wealthy and has no dearth of women in his life.

Punjaraj: Eershachchyaamaa neelavarnaa budhe baalaa. His wife is elderly and has a bluish complexion.

Jaageshwar: Bhavetkaamininaam sukha sundaraha syaath anangotsave kaamininaam kuveeryaha. Kraye vikraye laabhato lubdhaachito yadaa chandridaachandraa nanaagehagaami. He has a good wife but is a coward and is not physically strong. He does well as a middle-man in trade. He is good looking.

Gholap: He excels as a writer. He is fortunate and has a fair complexion. He earns tremendous wealth through his valour and brave deeds. He is respected by learned scholars. He is a politician. He acquires luxurious possessions. He is wealthy and good at his work. He does not get much happiness from his wife or sons.

Hillajaatak: Tathaa saptadasho varshe stree saukhyam kuroote budhaha. He gets a wife at the age of 17.

Yavanmath: He is wealthy, truthful, intellectual, charitable, good looking, learned, crafty and talented.

Gopal Ratnakar: His mother gives him much happiness. His body is hard. He gets women and wealth. He has many thoroughbred horses.

Paaschaatya Math (Western Thought): There are many quarrels when he is to get married. He does not trust his partner. He benefits from travel. If he is a writer, his work suffers for a fixed period of time. If Mercury is in combination with any malefic influence, the person suffers greatly.

Agyaath: Udaaramatihi. Digantivishrutakeertihi. Tatra shubhayute chatu virshativarshe aandolikaapraatihi. Kalatramitihi. Abhakshyabhakshakaha. Bhaavesho balayute ekadaara vaan. Daaresho paape Paaparkshe kujaadiyute.


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