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Mars & Mercury: Mercury in Various Houses, Chapter XX, Part - 16


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Brihadyavanajaatak: Bhoopaprasaadaaptasamastasiddhirnaro virodhi sutaraam swavarge sarvaprayatnaihi parataaparahantaa ranghe bhavechchandrasutaha prasuto. He strives to help others who are suffering. Manvaddakehi dhana dhaanyaavinaashakaari. All his wealth is destroyed at age 14.

Narayanabhatt: Shantajeevino ranghrage raajaputram bhantiha deshaantare vishrutaaste nidhaanam nripaad vikrayaad vaa laabhante yuvatyubhadavam kreedanam pratimantaha. He lives a hundred years, travels domestically and abroad, he earns his wealth through trade which enjoys the patronage of the king. He gets much happiness from women.

Jeevanath: His description is the same as Narayanabhatt.

Jayadeva: Khyaatimaannupakripaha savirodhosanyopakaarasahito vidi ranghre. He is prestigious, patronized by the king, generous though he opposes people all the time.

Kashinath: Budhesashtame kritaghnashru kubudhihi paaradaarikaha. Kaamaaturosasatyavaadi rogoyukto bhavennaaraha. He is indebt, of evil bent of mind, debauched, lustful, a liar and always ill.

Jaageshwar: His description is similar to Jayadeva.

Aryagranthakar: Nidhanaveshamani satyayutaha shubho nidhanadosatithimandana eva cha. Yadi cha paapayute ripugehage madanakaamyajavena patatyadhaha. He is truthful but not respectful to his guests. He dies comfortably. If Mercury is in conjunction with a malefic planet or in a House influenced by some other hostile planet, the person becomes weak and ill as a result of debauchery.

Mantreshwara: Vikhyaataashriraayuhu kulabhridadhipatigyenasashtame dandanetaa. He has prestige, a long life and is born in a good family. He is powerful, either a general or an important official.

Kashyap: (Jaatakaottam) – If Mercury in the Eighth House is in Aries the person dies of fever, in Taurus, the person dies of severe cough, in Gemini of vatha ailments, in Cancer of **, in Leo of some serious ailment, in Virgo of the betrayal by a loved one, in Libra of tension, in Scorpio of eye disease, in Sagittarius of an ailment of the respiratory system, in Capricorn of suffocation, in Aquarius of stomach ailments and in Pisces of gangrene in the foot.

Gholap: This person is so brave that he is radiant. He is wealthy and charitable. He is brave and has no enemies. He is of a pure and noble character, he is learned, a poet and generally behaves decently to people. His behaviour earns him respect from all quarters.

Gopal Ratnakar: He is long lived and has a lot of prestige. He benefits from matters concerning land and has few sons.

Hillajaatak: It is the same as Brihadyavanajaatak.

Yavanmath: He is long lived, good looking, arrogant, lives like a king, and a men who fights to ensure his own gain.

Paaschaatya Math (Western Thought): He suffers from ailments of the forehead and nerves. His powers of concentration are good. When he dies he does so aware that he is dying. He excels in occult sciences. He suffers financial losses if he is involved in partnership ventures. If Mercury is exalted or in a very auspicious influence, the person gets a great gain of wealth.

Agyaath: Laabhaha aayuhu kaarakaha. Saukhyavaan bahukshetravaan. Satputravaan. Pramaadaha. Panchavimshati varshe aneka pratishthasiddhihi. Nriparaajakripaahaa. Ripukshayaha. Kritiprasiddhaha. Bhaaalayute poornaayuhu. If Mercury is beneficial, the person gets much land and happiness. He has seven sons. At the age of 24, he gets a very unusually prestigious post.


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