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Mars & Mercury: Mercury in Various Houses, Chapter XX, Part - 13


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Agyaath: Rajapujyaha vidhyaavighnaham. Daambhikaha. Trishadvarshe bahuraajasneho bhavati. Bahushrutahalekhakaha. Kunjarshe neelakushttaadirogi. Shanirahuketuyute vaatshulaadirogi. Gyaatishatrukalaha. Bhaavaadhipe balayate gyaatiprabalaha. Arineecharshe. Gyaatikshayaha. He is respected by the rulers, and an excellent writer. He excels in his education too. He becomes fast friends with the ruler. If Mercury is in a sign ruled by Mars then the person contracts diseases like leprosy. If Mercury is in conjunction with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu the person contracts infections. He fights with people of his clan. If the planet ruling the Sixth House is auspicious the person is born in a high caste. If the Lord of the Sixth House is base, the person’s clan is wiped out.

My Thoughts:

In this space, the good attributes of Mercury are seen in masculine signs and the bad traits in feminine signs. It is debatable whether the person’s maternal uncle can have only daughters. I have seen several horoscopes of people whose uncles have had sons. What Gholap says about long lasting ailments is apt for Mercury. It is not clear how Gopal Ratnakar says the person’s mother will die as the Sixth House is not an indicator of a person’s mother’ death and incidentally Mercury is not a planet that brings death. Hence I think this is incorrect. I suspect what he meant is that if Mercury is in the Sixth House and the Sun in the Seventh House, there may be some potential for the person’s mother to die. Hillajaatak’s confusion over age two or three or alternately 23 is misplaced. There is a possibility that the infant may get injured seriously by a carelessly left scissor or knife and in case of the youth he may die after getting injured in a fight. At the age of 30, the unknown astrologer says that he may make friends with the king but this cannot be ascribed as a benefit accruing solely from Mercury in the Sixth House.

My Experience: I have not seen many horoscopes where Mercury is in the Sixth House. If it is in a feminine sign then those who are writers suffer from mental ailments. While writing or speaking if the person is not cautious he can err. His writing is popular and is the subject of much delete. His eating habits are excellent till middle age. Then he develops digestive ailments and loses interest in food. He gets sudden success in important works.

Mercury in the Seventh House

Acharya and Gunakar: Dharmagyaha. He is knowledgeable about religion.

Kalyanavarma: Praagyaam suchaaruvesham naatikuleenaam cha kalahasheelaam cha. Bhaaryaamanekavitam dhute labhate mahatva, cha. His wife is intelligent, well-dressed, of an ordinary family but quarrelsome. He acquires wealth through many means and holds a high position.

Baidhyanath: Vyanga shilpakalaa vinodachaturastaaraasutesstangate. If Mercury is retrograde the person’s physique is powerful. He is courteous and a good sculptor.

Vasishtha: Budho bahuputrayuktaam roopanvitaam janamanohararoopasheelaam. Peedam. His wife is beautiful and artistic. She has many sons. He suffers from body aches.

Parashar: yudhe sati paraajayam. He is defeated in arguments and debates. He keeps the company of prostitutes.

Garg: Tarangabhaavagate harinaam bhavati chanchalamadhya narikshihivipulavanshabhava pramadaapatihi sa cha bhavati shubhage shashivanshaje. His eyes appear mischievous. His wife’s father has many children.

Aryagranthakar: His description is similar to Garg.


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