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Mars & Mercury: Mars – Various Houses in Bhrigu Nadi, Chapter IX, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mars + Moon + Venus: Generally a good native, intelligent, fortunate, will have artistic nature, can be an architect, a financier or dealing with luxurious goods, articles of beautification as career, capricious by nature.

Mars + Moon + Saturn: Although a good person, not a proper duty-minded native, unfortunately gives up fair opportunities in life and finally involves in some sort of odd jobs, suffers blemish unnecessary accusations.

Mars + Mercury + Jupiter: Her husband will be intelligent, will have good education, enjoys respectable career, enjoys social status, will have association with learned people, by nature an active person, besides generous and although there may be ruptures in family, be can set right such problems with his capability.

Mars + Mercury + Saturn: Husband will be an intelligent person, enjoys 2-3 sources of earnings, inclined towards commercial pursuits, enjoys prosperity.

Mars + Saturn + Jupiter: Husband can have his career either as manager a teacher, guide, engineer or such equivalent career enjoy a respectable career.

Mars + Saturn + Dragon Head: Although she will be a good wife, still he cannot enjoy significant prosperity, some times he will be lazy; sometimes, inspite of hard work, no adequate returns, advisable to perform every day medication of Lord Shiva.

Mars + Saturn + Dragon Tail: Husband will be a fair looking one, generally good man by nature. But does not care for advice, cannot enjoy any specific career will have knowledge in tailoring, weaving, but whatever he goes for work, he returns after quarreling there, hence not guaranteed career to her husband.

Mars + Jupiter + Dragon Head: Her husband will have activities in a big concern he will be adamant by nature, ruptures in family affairs prevails.

Mars + Venus + Dragon Tail: Husband will be a fortunate one, enjoys luck and luxury, enjoys vehicular (car) gains, but rupture between husband and wife in family affairs prevails and Kuja Rahu Shanthi is amust for enjoying a fair, happy family life, Maha Lakshmi Pooja is essential.

Mars + Saturn + Dragon Head: Husband will have career pertaining to photography, computers, machinery sides etc., a fortunate native in general.

Mars + Dragon Head + Dragon Tail: Note: Mars in a particular sign with Dragon-Head and no planets in any successive signs upto Dragon-Tail, after marriage, for a period of 9 years her relationship with husband not fair.

Mars + Dragon Tail + Sun: Husband will have inclination toward spiritual liberation, enjoys prosperity in governmental lines.

Mars + Dragon Tail + Moon: Her husband will have spiritual liberation mind, will have renunciation in life, capricious by nature and he may keep himself away from family.

Shanker Adawal

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