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Mars & Mercury: Mars – Various Houses in Bhrigu Nadi, Chapter IX, Part - 1

Chapter 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Method of judging wife’s nature from male horoscope:

Mars + Venus + Sun: Queen like fortune, proud by nature, does not expect rebuffing from anybody, inclination towards stubbornness.

Mars + Venus + Moon: She will be intelligent, interested in traveling, her husband undergoes change of place and enjoys prosperity through traveling, she will have artistic nature, sometimes adamant, she will have to encounter troubles through some elder females in the family quarters, sometimes her husband’s brother may become a cause of trouble to the native, she will sell away one house property and busy another one.

Mars + Venus + Mercury: She will be calculative, she can control her husband, she would not allow her husband to go in bad ways (that is she can control him), quite intelligent, suffers in educational career (but later on continues), will have brother/sister, generally she does not like quarrelling, but should it come to it, she would not hesitate to expose others, she will be quite a fair looking native.

Mars + Venus + Jupiter: Fair looking, similar type, if she starts quarrelling she can swallow a battalion, adamant, if she minds she can do a lot of sacrifice, otherwise she would not offer even a cup of water, at one stage of life she becomes dejected of ending her life, she can be helpful, but people who receive help from her hands may become trouble shooters to her.

Mars + Venus + Saturn: She will have average fortune, average education, sometimes a bit lazy, she looses temper when advised and she will become further lazy, suffers due to excess of heat and its problems.

Mars + Venus + Dragon Head: Generally good native, fair looking, sometimes harsh in nature, suffers due to lack of discretion. After marriage her husband must be careful while using vehicles, her husband suffers obstructions in career, she suffers from rheumatism.

Mars + Venus + Dragon Tail: She will be short tempered, an angry type, but fair looking, she will make a mess, if she is irritated by her husband.

Method of judging husband’s nature from female horoscope

Mars + Sun + Jupiter: Regarding his prosperity just average in beginning, later on enjoys influencing factor (government fields), enjoys prosperity, a man of pride (egoistic), he wants to see that nobody rebuffs him, short tempered, enjoys good status (than many other members of his family), likes to associate with big people enjoys respectability, honour in social circles, there will be people for his service at his back and call, enjoys vehicular gains, respect elders, if minds he can help others to any extent (otherwise not).

Mars + Sun + Saturn: Enjoys a good career with good earnings (anyhow, upto 30 years of age, no significant improvements of prosperity), generally a fortunate native.

Mars + Moon + Jupiter: He will have artistic knowledge, he enjoys prosperity after marriage after some change of place.

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