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Mars & Mercury: Mars – Various Houses in Bhrigu Nadi, Chapter IX, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mars + Dragon Tail + Mercury: Her husband will be intelligent, will have literary knowledge, her nature will be such that moon rays must be falling on her house only.

Mars + Dragon Tail + Jupiter: Her husband comes from a good family, will have inclination towards divinity, helping nature.

Mars + Dragon Tail + Saturn: Her husband cannot enjoy any significant or specific career.

Mars + Dragon Tail + Dragon Head: Husband will have inclination toward the path of liberation and salvation.

Flat & Fortune of wife through male Chart

Mars + Sun + Venus: She will be generally good natured, will be a courageous one, will be egoistic (proud nature), there will be ruptures in family life, she will be in need of guidance philosophically.

Mars + Moon + Venus: She will be capricious by nature right from the beginning, but anyhow, general fortunes are just fair.

Mars + Saturn + Venus: She involves in love affairs, later on marriage, anyway no fair happiness in family affairs, she needs fair guidance, if she is treated well, husband can enjoys some benefits, otherwise not, she will have career earnings too, a self-boosting (pride) nature, she may not be obedient to husband.

Mars + Moon + Saturn: (both male/females cases), she may not have much liking for her husband, although she is fortunate one, for such natives marriage itself is a difficult task, if marries, no happiness, career (both male/female) will not be satisfactory, also they would not be prepared to accept anybody’s advice.

Mars + Mercury + Moon: (Male/female natives), between husband and wife no likings, she thinks she need not depend on her husband and he thinks he need not depend on his wife, anyhow but both of them may be suitable to do social services, will have their pleasures, happiness outside their family quarters.

Mars + Saturn + Mercury: (Male/female natives). To put it precisely marriage is not at all advisable for such combination, (better, astrologers advice it precisely).

Mars + Moon + Dragon Head: She can be a good wife, but unfortunately, her husband will not have qualities to avail her goodness, he cannot maintain her properly, but involves in vices (liquors etc.), besides, he will be cunning and suspicious on her and make family life a hell.

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