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Mars & Mercury: Mars & Nadi Astrology, Chapter X, Part 7


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mars in 3rd House

Native’s wife will possess questionable character.

(a) If aspecting benefic – No blemish or wife’s character

No younger brother financial income.

(b) If conj. Rahu/Ketu – Intimacy with somen of questionable character. Hates brothers, bitterness with brothers, few brothers.

(c) If conj. or aspected by malefic – loss of brothers.

(d) If exalted or in own house aspected by benefic – Prosperity, longevity for brothers, valorous.

(e) If aspected by malefic – The native will be weak.

(f) If occupying friendly house – Courageous.

Mars in 4th House

Adversities in the home of the native, death of father in his 8th year, ill health to mother.

(a) If conjunct benefics – The native may not house if his own and may have to live in another’s house, want of finance and agricultural produce, have to live in old or indecent house.

(b) If conj benefic and at the same time exalted or in own house or in a friendly house. Courageous, household property, long life for mother.

(c) If debilitated or conjunct malefic – loss of mother, enemities with relatives, having to quit native place, want of clothes and insufficient of food.

Mars in 5th House

Suffering from want of finance, favour no children, urgentlemanly actions, in bad looks of superiors, suffering from wounds or cuts in his 6th year, very shrewd.

(a) If exalted or in own house – Good number of children, feels others wields powers delegated by king, trouble from enemies.

(b) Aspected or conj malefic – Loss of children, mental disorder and allied diseases.

(c) If lord of 8th from Asct. In conj malefic. The native will become valorous and may be given away in adoptiozn.

Mars in 6th House

Reputation, capability in achieving success in undertakings, defeats enemies, children, married happiness and conveyance in his 27th year.

(a) In malefic house in conj with malefic or malefic aspect. The above effects will be enjoyed in full in addition these will be rheumatic and shooting pains.

(b) If in Virgo/Gemini – Possibility of leprosy.

(c) If aspected by benefic – No such disease.

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