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Mars & Mercury: Mars & Nadi Astrology, Chapter X, Part 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The native is emotional and will have to take care of health problems pertaining to cardiac regions chest pains etc.

Mars is debilitated, Sun, Moon and Dragon-Tail in Aries. Interchange between Mars, Moon and Mars will have association with Sun and Dragon-Tail. The native’s brother was at one time evil-minded person, but later reforms, enjoys good position, besides acquiring political influences too.

Such native enjoy name and fame (Flag signed status) and they reform themselves or sometimes through external influences (for example if a person is in jail for some time, he may in subsequent times, reforms in jail by involving in some career, later on improving in some career, later on improving and enjoying prosperity in life.

The native’s father in different places enjoys name and fame.

Female Chart: Her husband in initial stages suffers much and later improves.

Mars in Cancer, Moon in Scorpio with Sun, Jupiter, Dragon-Tail & Venus. There is interchange between Moon & Mars. Mars acquiring his own house Mars will have status through Sun, name and fame through Jupiter and financial status through Venus.

One of native’s brother, during first part of life suffers but during second part enjoys great prosperity.

Native’s father, first part worse, second half will be good.

Female Chart: Her husband’s position will be worse in first part, later on will on good.

Mars in Capricorn Retro Saturn in Aquarius, Mercury in Sagittarius exalted in Mars in between two inimical aspects and hence exaltation power of Mars reduces. The native suppresses others and doing this comes up in life. His career and its prosperity depends on intelligence of the native, because Saturn indicating work of native, where Mercury is 11th to Saturn (Mercury indicating intelligence) and hence enemy power goes down.

In female chart her husband will be quite an intelligence one and career/work comes in search of him and hence enjoys career/earnings etc.

MARS – Effects of various Houses as per Bhrigu Nadi Studies

The various effects produced by Mars standing in the 12th houses in a horoscope are as follows:-

Mars in Ascendant

Would marks on body or marks left behind by boils, itch and the like, stealing habit, average size, cruel hearted, excess of anger, extraordinary valour, suffers from peculiar disease, company of rouges.

(a) If exalted in own house. Enjoys excellent health, well built body, reputation, favours from highly placed people long life, financial prosperity, learned.

(b) If in enemy or malefic house- poor longevity, few children, ugly looking face.

(c) If conjunct or aspected by malefic (s) or staying in malefic house – Eye disease.

(d) or staying in malefic house – Eye disease.

Mars in 2nd House

Poor education.

(a) If lord of 11th is standing in 6, 12 or 2nd – Eye trouble. If Mars under the circumstances is aspected benefic – Good eye sight will result.

(b) If scalted or in own house – Higher education and good eyesight.

(c) If in malefic house or aspected by malefic – Eye troubles.

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