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Mars & Mercury: Mars & Nadi Astrology, Chapter X, Part 8


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mars in 7th House

(a) If mars is in 7th of ascdt, which happens to be malefic sign and/or conjunct malefic (even if the 7th happens to be Aries or Scorpio) – Loss of wife.

(b) If conjunct or aspected by benefic – The above malefic effects will not occur but there will be foreign travel.

(c) If conjunct benefic and at the same time standing in exaltation – own house or friendly house with malefic aspect, loss of wife, falling that the native would be developing intimacy with a women other than his wife, various sexual perversions.

(d) If conjunct with Saturn – Sexual perversion.

(e) If conjunct Kethu – Contacts with women.

(f) In the same yoga, if there is benefic aspect – The native will committable.

(g) If Mars is conj or aspected by his enemy – Loss of wife.

(h) If conj Rahu – Intimacy with servant mind or widow.

Mars in the 8th House

Eye diseases, longevity below 60, loss of father, urinary disease, few children,

(a) If conj benefic – Good health, good longevity.

(b) If occupying malefic house or conj or aspected by malefic. Rheumatic diseases and T.B.

(c) If disposition of Mars is strong. Full longevity

Mars in the 9th House

(a) If Mars is strong – Prosperity, adultery.

Mars in 10th House

If mars is 10th with disposition there of fairly strong – Long lived brothers, good prosperity, interest in charity, hyms, devotions.

(b) If conj malefic. Failure in understanding, and professional reverses, loss of reputation, capable of professional earnings from 18th year, able bodies, stealing habit.

(c) If conj with lords of 9th or 10th. Raja yoga will arise.

(d) If conj Jupiter. Gain of landed property.

Mars in 11th House

The native besides enjoying financial prosperity will become a man of manifold activities.

(a) If conjunct lord of 11th – Lordship over a town.

(b) If conj benefic high class Rajaya yoga. Prosperous brothers and prosperity.

Mars in 12th House

Suffering, want of finance, rheumatic problems, ungentlemanly actions, sinful deeds.

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