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Mars & Mercury: Diagnosis of Diseases - Mars, Chapter XI, Part 1

Chapter 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Parts of the body governed by Mars are the Sex Organs, Head, face, left ear, sense of taste, the bladder, nose.

Diseases given by Mars are diseases from heat, poisoning, cuts and wounds, leprosy, sore eye, itches, diseases of blood, neck, marrow, B.P. loss of energy, disease in female organ, Uterus, pelvis of Kidney, prostrate gland, groins, the colon, the testicles and red bone marrow, rectum etc.

Pathogenic effects of Mars when posited in different signs are enumerated as under:-

Aries:- Cerebral hemorrhage, delirium, facial neuralgia, small-pox, sun-stroke, shooting pains in the head, insomnia, brain-fever, By reflex action into Libra rental hemorrhage.

Taurus:- Diphtheria, tonsillitis, adenoids, mumps, laryngitis, polypus, nose-blood. By reflex action into Scorpio, Prostrate gland troubles, venereal ulcers, muscular rheumatism in the neck, pharyngitis.

Gemini:- Pneumonia, skin disorder, blow, cuts, wounds to arms, shoulders and hands, bilious diarrhea, neuritic inflammation of the lungs, bronchitis. By reflexed action into Sagittarius sciatica.

Cancer:- Stomach ulcers, dyspepsia, diseases of the breasts, sexual perversions, oversexy, dry cough, gastritis and tumours.

Leo:- Angina pectoris, enlarged heart, palpitation, pericarditis, muscular rheumatism in the back, herpes Zoster, aneurisms.

Virgo:- Dysentery, gastro-enteritis, typhoid, hernia, cholera, worms, appendicitis, bowel disorders.

Libra:- Kidney Stones, anuria, nephritis, typhus pyelitis.

Scorpio:- Scarlatina, menorrhagia, vaginitis, ureteritis, hypertrophy of the postrate, ulceration of the ovaries and uterus, veriocele, maemorrhoids, scrotal action into Gemini, Pneumonia.

Capricorn:- Rheumatic fever, carbuncles, urticaria, anthrax, pruitis, crysipeerleas, small-pox, psoriasis, measles, scabies, contusion, By reflex action into cancer, stomach troubles.

Aquarius:- Blood poisoning, fracture of the lower leg. By reflex action into Leo, syncope and coronary thrombosis.

Pisces:- Accidents involving the feet, bunions, corns, bromidrosis, foot-deformities. By reflex action into Virgo-inflammation of the bowels.

The nature of Mars is to cleanse the body and eliminate fifth and waste accumulation so that the fires of life may burn very brightly. The habits of Jupiter and Venus are to clogg the system and the obstructive influence of Saturn may poison the body by stoppage of elimination. Mars lights the fire of fever and inflammation to burn out therefore and give the system a new lease of life and energy. That is why Mars influence in our life has been considered as the most valuable in the proper maintenance of our body, and his gem Red Coral suites everyone.

Shanker Adawal

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