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Mars & Mercury: Mars & Nadi Astrology, Chapter X, Part 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

There is interchange between Saturn and Venus. Mars is exalted who is with Moon and Venus. Saturn is in Libra with Dragon-Tail. Exalted Mars is with Moon and Venus, indicating the native has to amass wealth by imposing pressure (lending money and other such financial transactions).

One of native’s brother involving in some such career and or the native involving in such career dealing with luxurious/luminous materials.

One of native’s brother works together with the native, (in above career) and after some time runs off with money and he stores it in a secret place.

Here, although Saturn is exalted, he loses strength, because of Dragon Tail. Although he reaches his house by interchange, there also Saturn has to bear adverse situations.

Native: The native will have career in financial traditional affairs/dealings, but even there, has to undergo sufferings, accusations and ultimately leaves such a (career aspected place) for subsequent survival.

Female Chart: Her husband will have smiling face, a connoisseur and is capable of extracting/works from other while he is making bucks – enjoying wealthy aspects, also having wide traveling aspects, enjoys luxurious life will have at least 2 own houses, a short tempered one.

Surprisingly, such native will have normal career aspects, but would be able to make/earn money through various means.

Mars is exalted who is with enemy Dragon-Head, Mars loses exaltation power and who is having interchange with Saturn (Saturn in Aries) and one native’s brother, during initial stage living in his house suffers a lot, and constrained to leave home (moving towards East) and there he enjoys name, fame, status/position/property and financial aspects.

Regarding Native: Born in good family, quite a knowledgeable one, enjoys prosperity in east direction in a town and lives with brothers enjoying fair prosperity.

Female Chart: Mars is the husband of native. Looks able and powerful, but his position leaves much to be desired. Anyhow, after 30 or after 7 years from his marriage, enjoys good prosperity.

Mar is exalted and his friend Dragon-Tail is in Aquarius and hence the native enjoys good position. But he is `act in haste – repent at leisure’ type and during second part of life there will be development of mind, leading towards the path of spiritualism.

Female Chart: Her husband will have as discussed above.

Mars is debilitated in Cancer, Moon and Jupiter are in Scorpio. Although Mars is in debilitation, there is interchange between Moon and Mars – indicating Mars will have association with Jupiter by interchange with Moon and therefore Mars + Jupiter. Hence debilitation power is reduced and hence indicating, the native one time was evil minded but subsequently improves. The native will have wide traveling aspects.

Female Chart: Her husband comes from water bound areas, resources (like a river or seashore areas), and he cannot stay in his native place for living has to go away. And one of native’s brother’s will have career pertaining to water (water supply department/some such connections/agricultural occupation etc.).

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