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Mars & Mercury: Mars & Nadi Astrology, Chapter X, Part 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mars is exalted and with Mercury. Saturn is in Gemini. Native is quite an intelligence one, but quarrels with friends and career associates. The house of Saturn is occupied by Mars, and Saturn is watching this from Gemini and in such situation Saturn deputes his friend Mercury who is inimical to Mars, so that Mercury can fight against Mars.

That is to say, the native encounters with some landed property (because of Mars) needs assistance to suppress the enemy (i.e., Mars) and hence sends his friends Mercury to suppress Mars, in order to reduce the strength of the enemy.

In female charts, husband will be quite courageous, enjoys good positions, but he has to frequently overcome desperation because of inimical aspect and also there will be rupture and quarrels in family affairs.

Commonly speaking, either for male or female charts, there is an interchange between Saturn and Mercury.

Mars is exalted, who is with Sun, indicting the native having administrative, ruling powers, a short tempered native, egoistic one “I am the great” type).

Due to interchange of Saturn and Sun, indicates at one time native being in extraordinary position, due to influencing cooperation factor, in later stages became weak, because of exalted Mars loosing his strength.

One of native’s brother/brothers or father’s brother leaves home in search of prosperity (change of place aspect).

The harmonious relation between native’s father and his brother/brothers will not be sound.

Female Chart: Her husband will be a proud person, enjoying respectable position, due to influencing factors, besides having considerable degree of ruling/administrative power.

Common (both male/female charts) – Father of such native will have career in one property in other place and father will have atleast 2 house/landed/property gains.

Mars is exalted who is with Moon and also, anti-clockwise Dragon-Head is about to enter Capricorn. One of native is brother/brothers has to overcome endangering situations (in water or vehicles) and will escape by `Providence’ and has to settle in different place for living. Saturn and Mars are having interchange with one another. Mars escapes from danger through the help of Saturn.

Female Chart: Husband goes to different places for a career/living and there has to overcome endangering situations and again settles at different place-with career often undergoing changes/transfers etc.

Common (for both male/female charts). The native’s career aspects involves in wheel/vehicle/automobiles.

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