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Mars & Mercury: Kuja (Mars) Maha Dasa Phala Seven Years, Chapter VII, Part - 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal
(ll) According to VARAHA MIHIRA – During KUJA Maha Dasa there will be: Win over enemies; help from brothers; income through agriculture, blankets; goats; enemity with female members and learned people blood disorders; fever, upset of pitha, falls from a height; interest in women other than wife; interest in ADHARMIC KRIYA; use of harsh language; fearlessness.
3. KUJA Maha Dasa phala based on the Rasi occupied by KUJA in birth chart as follows:-
MESHA – Gain of money; increase of land; heavy agricultural income; defeat of enemies; BAHU KEERTI LABHAM (gain of fame on a wide scale).
VRISHABHA – Gain of clothes and previous stones; respect from king; acquisition of conveyance and increase in the circle of friends and relatives; increased agricultural income and quadruped.
KARKAT – Fear from king and enemies; loss in the matter of native’s household property; sufferings to children; loss of happiness.
SIMHA – comforts of a high order; satisfaction of king; enthusiasm; increase of land and agricultural produce.
KANYA – gain of several benefits; fluency in speech; knowledge; gains from brothers and company of relatives.
TULA – Troubles loss of self-respect; sufferings to wife and children; agricultural losses.
VRISCHIK – Monetary gains; friends with king; help from own people and friends.
DHANUS – Gain of money through the help of king and highly placed persons; influence in higher circles; prosperity to brethren; defeat of enemies; lump sum gains and success in endeavours.
MAKARA – Lordship; honourable position in public life; victory in encounters; success in all directions and in all endeavours; heavy gains regarding agricultural produce and gain of everything desired.
KUMBHA – various troubles; loss of respect; wrath of king; quarrels with menials and servants.
MEENA – gain of precious stones and clothes; increase of landed property and agricultural produce; knowledge; honour in public.
4. KUJA Maha Dasa phala based on the Bhava occupied by KUJA in birth chart are as follows:-
Lagna – OOSHNATHWAM (excess of heat); KANTI HEENATHWAM (loss of luster); troubles like pox, boils etc. Agricultural losses.
2nd Bhava – Great happiness; gain of money etc. protecting his own family; command of speech; honour from king; fame.
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