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Mars & Mercury: Kuja (Mars) Maha Dasa Phala Seven Years, Chapter VII, Part - 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal
3rd Bhava – Defeat of enemies; agricultural income and fame; kingly paraphernalia; enjoyments of a high order.
4th Bhava – RAJYA PHALA PRADHA (professionally a high status). Increase of land and property; opportunities of service under high officials.
5th Bhava – Loss of property; failure of crops; sufferings to children; great distress; anger of king; loss of position; change of residence or place.
6th Bhava – Defeat of enemies; lustrous body; kingly status; happiness from family.
7th Bhava – Loss of or sufferings to wife an son; losses in the matter of prosperity; fever and boils; pox; troubles; agricultural losses; change of residence to an inferior locality.
8th Bhava – MRUTYU PHALA PRADHA (fear of death); fever, cough, heart attacks and tumour.
9th Bhava – Charities; acquisition of money; agricultural income of a high order; construction of wells, tanks etc. for public use; doing good to brothers.
10th Bhava – Success in desired directions; respect among the public; gain of precious stones; kingly paraphernalia; conveyance, horses etc. happiness from many directions; performance of ceremonial sacrifices; increase of prosperity. Professionally a high position.
11th Bhava – Increase of wealth including landed property; influence in higher circles; gain of ornaments and precious stones.
12th Bhava – Fear of death; sorrow due to death of equals; loss of professional status and fear from king.
Bukti Phalas in Kuja Maha Dasa
Kuja Bukti = 4 months & 27 days
(a) The following are the effects of KUJA BUKTI in KUJA Maha Dasa with reference to various Yogas:-
(i) If bukti natha KUJA is in Kendra, trikona from Lagna or conjunct. Lagnadhipha:-
Comforts; slight indisposition and laziness in the beginning of the bukti; and happiness at end of bukti. Also dealings with relatives on paternal side; opposition from brothers; favours from king; increase of wealth and cereals.
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