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Mars & Mercury: Kuja (Mars) Maha Dasa Phala Seven Years, Chapter VII, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal
(j) KUJA in Sama Kshetra (equal’s house): Increased number of guests at home; comforts with wife and children; servants; also troubles.
(k) Conjunction with a debilitated plant: Mental distress to wife and son; taking up an inferior profession; having to take food from others; sufferings to wife and children; fear from king, thieves and fire.
(l) Conjunction with an exalted plant: Happiness now and then; gain of clothing; ungentlemanly character; service to king; trouble to wife and son.
(m) Conjunction with malefic (s): Committing sinful deeds almost every day; adopting a cruel attitude to learned people and animals; causing troubles to one’s brothers; adopting a questionable character.
(n) Conjunction with benefic (s): Some little happiness; sufferings to native resulting in shrinkage of body; disputes in connection with property; victory in encounters; debates or academical discussions; change in environments.
(o) Aspected by benefic(s): Gain of land, wealth and gold, commensurable with the Gochar Phala at the time the Maha Dans runs.
(p) Aspected by malefic: Bahu Dukha Kashtam (advertisities of a high order); being discarded or abandoned by own people; being exiled due to wrath of king.
(q) KUJA in Kendra: Sufferings due to poison; fear from thieves; opposition from friends and a string of troubles.
(r) KUJA with Utchamsa: Fulfillment of desires; victory in encounter; happiness; intimacy with low class women and maid-servants; honours from king.
(s) KUJA with Neechamsa: Evil deeds and consequential uneasiness; loss of wealth; fear from king; cruel nature.
(t) KUJA with Sthana Bala: Full happiness as a householder; establishing professionally a status and enjoying happiness thereafter, fame.
(u) KUJA without Sthana Bala: Loss of position; ungentlemanly character and adopting questionable tactics in profession/business.
(v) KUJA with Dig Veerya: Gain of wealth through king; valour in battle; gain of cows, land, cereals and clothes; fame.
(w) KUJA with Kala Bala: Success in desired directions and endeavors; great happiness; gain of clothes and studded jewels; agricultural gains.
(x) KUJA-Naisargika Bala: Gain in position professionally; upset of PITHA (bile) inferior food; adopting questionable tactics; patricide.

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