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Mars & Mercury: Kuja (Mars) Maha Dasa Phala Seven Years, Chapter VII, Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal
(y) KUJA with Vakratwa (retrograde): Gear fear; trouble from thieves, fire and enemies; living in forest or hill station or seclusion; loss of position. But if KUJA has DIG Bala, favour of king; good luck; happiness from friends, brothers; gain of quadruped, land, clothes and ornaments.
(Note: There is a proverbial saying among Kerals astrologers that during the Maha Dasa of a papa Graha in Vakra, the native will be going round and round places comparable to that of a pot-maker’s wheel).
(z) KUJA with KROORA SHASHTIAMSA: Various troubles; imprisonment or bondage (if destined in the horoscope); loss of all paraphernalia.
aa) KUJA with SOUMYA SHASHTIAMSA: Benefiial happenings; marriage; initiation; ceremonial sacrifice (YAGNA), benevolence towards all.
(bb) KUJA in PARAVATAMSA etc.: Great happiness; gain of land, money, cereals and conveyance; marriage or auspicious celebrations.
(cc) KUJA in KROORA DREKKANA: Mental distress; fear of being fettered or imprisoned.
(dd) KUJA in utcha but with neechamsa – Death of brothers; fear from king and troubles due to poison.
(ee) KUJA in Neecha with utchamsa – Increase of landed property; happiness with opposite sex; financial gains and a number of friends.
(ff) KUJA in AROHA: Happiness; auspicious results; appreciation of properties; acquisition of coral and precious stones.
(gg) KUJA in AVAROHA: Great fear; troubles from enemies; mental distress; loss of position.
(hh) KUJA in Trikona: The native will reach professionally the highest position destined in the horoscope; interest in study of books.
(ii) Kuja in Dushsthana (6,8,12) – Loss of position; troubles; loss of or sufferings to wife, quadrupeds and children.
(jj) KUJA conjunct with Surya: Fear, grief, bitterness with wife; RAAJYA BRAHMSAM (having to quit his place) and having to live in other places on account of fear from enemies.
(kk) According to MANTRESWARA – During KUJA Maha Dasa, there will be profession for the native connected with fire; or service to king; gains through King’s favour or litigation; opportunities of using medicine; earnings through deceiving others and various kinds of cruel or questionable tactics; upset to health due to PITHA; contacts with women of questionable character; misunderstandings with wife and children; troubles arising due to his own behaviour; interest in other’s property with an evil eye.
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