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Mars & Mercury: Mars – Various Houses in Bhrigu Nadi, Chapter IX, Part - 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mars + Saturn + Mercury: Husband involving in business affairs, an intellectual one. There will be business activities with blood relatives and their supporter involvement pertaining to partnership type of business activities.

Mars + Saturn + Jupiter: Husband will be able to occupy a respectable post, being a master, more so a spiritualist. Sometimes gainsome aspects in the field of engineering/technical lines too. The second half of life will be full of fortunes.

Mars + Saturn + Venus: Minor quarrels will be prevalent. Husband before marriage will have to encounter hardship, besides impediments in prosperity and progress, but anyhow, after marriage beneficial aspects will be considerably good.

Mars + Saturn + Dragon Head: Husband’s family condition shall not be good during the first part of life and later on there will be considerable degree of success and improvements and fortune. Success will be in the life of transport/vehicles, also indicates bruhat (Giant) chaya (shade), gas, photography or lines pertaining to such career.

Mars + Saturn + Dragon Tail: Husband will have to be encounter tragedy quite often in his career, where gains will be less compared to efforts, thus he suffers desperation. Anyhow after marriage, worries may minimized.

Mars + Dragon Head + Sun: Husband will be a fair looking one, besides being attractive, with good personality, but he will have to encounter endangering situations (accidents) during the early part of life. Later on he would be able to enjoy gains through government lines and by helping of influence through prominent persons.

Mars + Dragon Head + Moon: Husband by nature will be emotional and will not have adequate power of direction. Anyhow after some time, gets opportunities for enjoying abroad travels and such travels offers benefits. E will be quite a knowledgeable one.

Mars + Dragon Head + Mercury: Husband during the initial stages suffers due to extreme hardship, later on by intelligent shines well in the field of commerce etc.

Mars + Dragon Head + Jupiter: Husband has to come up in life through hardships. In the beginning career will be average, later enjoys a good position as an officer. By nature hasty, besides stubborn nature.

Mars + Dragon Head + Venus: Husband will be little and during first part of life no considerable success but after marriage enjoys fortune, besides luxurious life.

Mars + Dragon Head + Dragon Tail: Husband will be a hard worker, enjoys benefits through technical lines. Earlier hardship, in future enjoy lordship.

Mars + Dragon Tail + Sun: husband will have good reputation in government or political status. Gains spiritual power during the second half of life. In versions of Sanskrit “Dhwaja Keerthi’ Na Sandeho” (i.e. with fail enjoys name and fame).

Shanker Adawal

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