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Mars & Mercury: Mars – Various Houses in Bhrigu Nadi, Chapter IX, Part - 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mars + Moon + Dragon Tail: He will be a `brass cared’ type, indiscretionally listing to others advice, not a steady minded one, but still will have some qualities of righteousness (Dharma-Karma), enjoys pilgrimages, he cannot enjoy sufficient conjugal bliss through wife, in fact, his marriage itself will be a difficult task, and the result of marriage will be quarreling on and often (no peace of mind, suffers due to restlessness), sometimes becomes a prey for opposite attractions, sufferings pertaining to beneficial aspects.

Mars + Mercury + Sun: He will be a respectable one, intelligent, before marriage involvement in some love affairs, later on marries.

Mars + Mercury + Moon: Before marriage will have affairs with a girl, later on marries, enjoys commercial/artistic based career, attractive speaker, soft spoken (before marriage due to love affairs, suffers accusations, later on the aspecting of marriage comes into picture). An amorous type (Rasika), will have good grasping faculties, although suffers breaks in educational lines, still comes up well by intelligence.

Mars + Mercury + Jupiter: An educated one, efficiency in managerial posts will be good in accounts (Head Accountant) will have commercial based concern, will have opposite sex affairs, but keeps them secret, enjoys property, good financial positions in the sojourn of life.

Mars + Mercury + Venus: He enjoys good financial position, enjoys landed property, enjoys benefits through opposite sex involvements (aspecting financial one). He will have more affection on sister-in-laws/other females, rather than on his wife. If the moon is associated with the above planets of if the Moon is in 5th, 7th or 9th aspect to Mercury and Venus, they will have some opposite sex involvements. He enjoys commercial career based profitabilities, intelligents, rupture between husband and wife will be inevitable (but anyhow they would not fail to live together), and if his wife does not treat him smoothly he would not hesitate to have another adjustment (so she must be careful and patient while such type of husband), he generally looks a pious one.

Mars + Mercury + Dragon Head: Generally an intelligent one, but a bit fearful, afraid of opposite sex relations (he would not be prepared to bear accusations due to such affairs), but sometimes darely enjoys opposite sex relations, but there will be disappointments in life.

Mars + Mercury + Dragon Tail: He will have career as a Draughtsman, will have knowledge/career aspects in law, intelligent, opportunities to become high level administrating officer/IAS good.

Mars + Jupiter + Saturn: Her husband enjoys good position in a large establishment and gains great reputation in career after marriage.

Mars + Venus + Saturn: Regarding career, her husband will have normal fortune and after marriage gains fair position in his career.

Mars + Venus + Dragon Head: The native’s husband will have attractive personality and sometimes emotional. Regarding career gains through computers, electronics, interior design works, he will enjoys valuable vehicular gains, besides luxurious good, possessing luxurious mansions.

Mars + Venus + Dragon Tail: Husband will attractive, possessing secret treasure of knowledge and quarrels between husband and wife would be inevitable, but such quarrels can well be warded off through spirituality.

Shanker Adawal

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