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Mars & Mercury: Mars – Various Houses in Bhrigu Nadi, Chapter IX, Part - 7


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mars + Dragon Tail + Moon: Husband will be an intellectual one, will have intuitional powers and artistic qualities. During first part of life, there will be frequent changes in career. After passing 30 (30-37) enjoys good career either in foreign countries or distant place. The nature of work would be connecting medical lines, psycho analysis or pertaining to drawing and writing. He will have attractive voice and fast person. A person under dilemma.

Mars + Dragon Tail + Mercury: Husband will be good hearted one, polite in nature, enjoys social status. Although talented will have a calm nature. Attracted by his wife, besides having opposite sex involvements. Career in accounts, writing will be beneficial. In early part of life will have involvement with opposite sex, but suffers disappointment.

Mars + Dragon Tail + Jupiter: A saint life will be better than becoming servant of wife (i.e. what this combination indicates). Husband will not be suitable for marriage life.

Mars + Dragon Tail + Venus: For this female native, it will be great a task to discover a boy for marriage but even after marriage, intensive quarrels prevails/or for some time (some years), they will be constrained to Venus separately, as a preventive measurer (to enjoy fair in family life), it is advisable to feed sugar and soji to black ants, which offers some relief.

Mars + Dragon Tail + Saturn: Husband will have an average career. He will have to encounter with hardships in career. Anyhow, breaks and inimical aspects would be inevitable in his career.

Nature of Wife through Permutation & Combination

Mars + Venus + Moon: Wife will have artistic nature, although a good lady will have to suffer accusation through her husband sufferings due to desperation is inevitable.

Mars + Venus + Sun: She will be courageous, for some time in her life exercise her power, sufferings due to health problems, pertaining to cardiac regions is inevitable, intestinal disorders.

Mars + Venus + Jupiter: For some time she exercises dictatorship, courageous, will have administrative capacity, fair looking, believes in fair justice, bit egoistic, she will have to encounter problems during delivery times, sufferings due to heart trouble is inevitable (may have to undergo surgery too), blood pressure problems indicative.

Mars + Venus + Saturn: Wife will be a hard working type, she would not bear criticisms, hence suffers desperation, sufferings due to excess to heat problems inevitable.

Mars + Venus + Mercury: Wife will be quite intelligent, calculative.

Mars + Venus + Dragon Head: Her happiness is family life not good, relationship between husband and wife will be adamant. She suffers due to excess of heat problems.

Mars + Venus + Dragon Tail: Her husband will be a quarrel picking type, no harmonious relationship between husband and wife, husband after marriage will have career pertaining to agriculture or will have power looms (machineries etc.), or in the trade of electronic components, it is advisable he conducts business in his wife’s name.

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