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Mars & Mercury: Mars in Various Houses, Chapter III, Part - 16


Dr. Shanker Adawal

My Thoughts: Whatever Acharya, Gunakar, Kalyanavarma, Baidhyanath, Parashar, Yavanmath, Gopal Ratnakar, Hillajaatak, Garg, Kashinath, Jayadeva, Mantreshwara, Narayanabhatt, Jeevanath, have said is applicable to feminine signs. But traits like lustful, large appetite, enmity with the learned, etc. apply to masculine signs. The first half of what Aryagranth has said applies to masculine signs and the second to feminine signs. Brihadyavanajaatak’s statement about extreme anger is also applicable to masculine signs. Similarly what Jaageshwar has said about maternal uncle’s suffering is also applicable to masculine signs. What Punjaraj says is applicable only if Mars is in a fire sign.

My Experience: Most traits are already mentioned. What is significant is that the maternal uncle and aunt die as do children. The aunt could be widowed and both the aunt and the uncle may be childless. The person himself may not be caught even if he takes bribes. Let us look at an example of Mars in the Sixth House:

William Marconi (the man who invented the radio) – born on 25-4-1874 at Rome, Italy (latitude 41-54, longitude 14) with the 25th phase of Sagittarius ascendant.


Charubel has said about the 25th phase that it is similar to man flying in a balloon above the clouds. The person uses science to detect that which is a mystery so far. He succeeds after great effort and gets glory for it. Marconi was unhappy where women were concerned. His wife divorced him in 1910. Though his parents wanted him to be a music maestro he insisted on studying science and engineering and ultimately that brought him success. Men in whose horoscopes Mars is in the sixth place have a very high libido and are harsh in bed. They have a few sons but they dies. The first or second son can be intelligent if he lives and dies just when he is about to start earning. There is a possibility that the wife may be sterile. Hillajaatak has said that the man may have a son at the age of 24. Since in some communities now marriages take place only between 25 and 30, the logic of this has to be experienced before it can be taken as correct. He feels very intensely hungry especially in mid-afternoon. His libido and lust are high. The excessive appetite makes him eat excessive quantities of food which increase the heat levels in his body and this causes all kinds of illnesses. His success is of the highest degree but comes only after persistent labour and repeated failures.

Mars in the Seventh House

Acharya and Gunakar: His wife insults him.

Kalyanavarma: Mritadaarro rogaartosmaargarato bhavati dukhitaha paapaha shreerahitaha santaptaha shushkatanurbhavati saptame bhaume. His wife dies. He is ill, ill mannered, sad, sinful and poor. His hunger leaves him lean.

Baidhyanath: Streemoolapravilaapako ranaruchihi kaamasthithe bhoomije. He has to struggle for a woman. He loves battle.

Parashar: Striyaam daaramaranam neechasevanam streesangamaha. Kujokte sustanaa kathinordhwakuchaa. His wife dies and he satisfies his lust with lowly women. His wife’s death is painful.

Saravali: His wife’s genitalia are dried and small.

Garg: Munigrahagatabhaume neechasansthesarigehee yuvatimaranadukham jaayate maanavaanaam. Makaragrihanijasthe naanyapatnishchadhate chapalamativishaalaam dushta chintaaviroopaam. If Mars is malefic, his wife dies and if it is auspicious he has only one wife who is mischievous and intelligent but wicked and ugly.


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