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Mars & Mercury: Mars in Various Houses, Chapter III, Part - 17


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mantreshwara: Anuchitakaro rogaatorstesadhwagno mritadaaravaan. He is ill mannered, diseased and a traveler. His wife dies.

Kashinath: Bhoomiputre saptamage rudhiraaktospi kopavaan. Neechasevi vanchakashcha nirgunospi bhavennaraha. He has blood disorders, is angry, works as a servant, loots and cheats people and is not virtuous.

Brihadyavanajaatak: Nanaanarthavyarthachitopasagaimbairivraatairmaanavam heenadeham daarrpatyanantaduhkhaprataptam daaraagaarengaarakrosyam karoti. He worries futilely about disasters that he has no control over. His enemies harass him. He is forever worried about his sons. He has fear of fire when he is 17.

Jaageshwar: Yadaa mangalaha saptame syaatdaanim priyaa mrityumaapno tyavanshyam vranairvaa. Param jaathare rogakrooraraishracha raktaadwichaarya twindam janmakaalestha prashne. Sukham no naraanaam tatha no kryaanaam tathaa paadamushti prahaarairharthahasyaath. Paraspardhaya ksheeyate shatruvargaat yadaam managalo mangalaayya grihe syaath. His wife dies. He has scars and abdominal infections. He has blood disorders, and all these faults are seen in his birth chart as well as horoscope. He is unhappy, unsuccessful, assaulted and publicly shamed, and harmed by fighting his foes.

Jayadeva: Abalaagatagehansachayom roognarthosarbibhayodhyune kuje. His wife defeats him. He has a good house, but is a destructive man who fears his enemies.

Punjacharya: Youvanaarespyateetaa. Kshitije narasya samani pitavranenaanvitadagdhaa va vishavanhitaa yadi tathaa vaa bastirogaanivita. Bhoomiputredhyoonabhaavaopayaate kaantaaheenaha santataha maanavaha sayaath. His wife is not youthful and suffers from pitha system ailments or scars and wounds caused by burns. She is certain to die.

Jeevanath: Kuje kaantagaaram gatavati janosteeva laghutaam. Samaadhate yudhe prabalaripunaa sa kshatatanuhu. Tathaa Kaantafhaati paravishayavaasi khalamatirnivrittovaanjiyaadapi paravaghoorangavirataha. He is lacking in all respects and is defeated in battle by his enemies. His wife dies and he has to live abroad. He has a wicked bent of mind and avoids doing work so that he can spend time with women.

Narayanabhatt: It is the same as Jeevanath.

Gopal Ratnakar: His wife has body aches. If Mars is malefic the wife dies. If not the wife survives. He himself suffers from diseases in the stomach and arms. He has many siblings and maternal aunts and uncles. He is intelligent.

Vasishtha: His wife’s fidelity and the paternity of the children she bears is doubtful.

Gholap: What he has said is wrong.

Ram Dayal: Yauvanaaddaya kujespihi. If Mars is strong the wife is youthful, cruel, crooked and very ordinary looking.

Hillajaatak: Saptatrimshanmite varshe jaayaanaashaam cha saptamaha. At the age of 37 his wife dies.

Yavanmath: He gets very little time from his wife. He is unkind but prefers not to get into arguments. His wife dies.

Paaschaatya Math (Western Thought): His wife is harsh and quarrelsome and they do not have a happy marriage. He has to constantly remain on his guard for the next quarrels and there is frequent chances of visiting the courts to solve quarrels his wife has struck up with neighbours and others. The enemies are strong and open. He does not benefit from partnerships. The behavior of his wife leaves him irritable. If Mars is in Cancer or Pisces, the wife’s behavior is terrible and the man has to act against his better nature. He suffers losses because of his frequent defeats in court and his inheritance gets destroyed.

Unknown: Swadaarapeedaa paaparkshe paapayute swarkshe swadaarahaanihi. Shubhayute jeevati apatyainaashaha videshavaasaha. Vigatatanuhu madhyapaanapriyaha ranaruchihi. Choranyabhchaaramoolena kalatraantaram dushta streesangaha. Bhagachumbakaha. Mandayute hashtre shishnachumbakaha. Vandhyaarajasalaastreesambhogi. Tatra shatruyute bahukaltranaashaha. Ahankaarih. In a malefic influence Mars in the Seventh House means the wife lives but their children don’t. They have to lived abroad. His body is lean. He is a drunkard and quarrelsome. He has extra-marital affairs. If Mars is with Saturn the man has sex with other men and is bisexual. He frequents brothels and if Mars is hostile he marries many times and each of his wives dies. He is arrogant.

My Thoughts: All astrologers have predicted only bad traits for Mars in this position: wife’s death, ill tempered wife, ugly wife, defeat at the hands of enemies, losses in business, illness, grief, sin, poverty, etc. These are seen in Taurus, cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. In the other signs it is the good traits of Mars that manifest.

My Experience: The person is a jack of all trades but master of none. From the age of 18 – 36 he has some stability and takes up one of the professions dominated by Mars. In this situation his wife is good but quarrelsome and dominates the husband. In Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius there is a dual influence. In Taurus or Libra the person lives his wife a lot while in Virgo or Aquarius the person person’s fate takes a turn for the better after marriage. It gets even better after his second marriage. In Cancer or Capricorn the person has to work very hard till the age of 36 and then the rest of his life is easy.


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