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Mars & Mercury: Mars in Various Houses, Chapter III, Part - 15


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Jaageshwar: Mahijo yada shatrugo vai naraanaam tadaa jaattharaagnirbhaved deeptatejaahaa. Sadaa maatule dukhadaayi prataapi satam sangakaari bhavet kaamayuktaha. He has a large appetite, his maternal uncles suffer, he is brave, friendly and lustful.

Brihadyavanajaatak: Praabalyam syaajaatha raagnervishoshaadro roshaaveshaha shatruvargsapi shanty. Sabdhihi sango dharmabheehi syaatraraannam gautre punyasyodayo bhoomisoonau. Visheshaat roshaveshaha. He has a fiery temper, though his foes are peaceful. He is spiritual and religious. He helps his relatives prosper and has a son at the age of 24.

Kashinath: Shashte bhaume shatruheeno nanaarthaihi paripooritaha. Streelaalasaha pushta dehahaha shubhachitashracha jaayate. He has no enemies, he has lots of wealth, in feminine signs he has a frail body but dies in peace.

Garg: Bahudaaraagnipunskaha syaath sukaaryo balvaan kuje. He has relations with many women, does good deeds and is powewrful.

Jayadeva: It is the same as Kalyanavarma.

Punjaraj: Rudhiro yadaa pashumayam vajaavikam chostjam. If Mars is strong in the Sixth House the person has to trade in cattle, sheep, or camels. Aaro ripubhaavasansthaha shastraagnihaatavaagnidagdham. Karoti martyasya cha maatulasya vishothhadoshena vidushitam vaa. He and his maternal uncle both fear being poisoned.

Mantreshwara: Prabalamadanaha shreemann khyaaato ripoau vijayi nripaha. He is lustful, wealthy, glorious, victorious and a king.

Jeevanath and Narayanabhatt: The same as Mantreshwara.

Gopal Ratnakar: One who is wealthy, vanquisher of his foes, serves the king, knowledgeable, he starts ambitious ventures but is so lost in his dreams of success that his business fails.

Gholap: One who stays home happily, intelligent, one who can donate generously to the learned to turn them in his favour, lustful, one with a large appetite.

Hillajaatak: Putralaabhakaraha shashta shrachaturvimshe cha vatsare. He has a son at age of 24.

Yavanmath: One who defeats his foes, beautiful, peaceful, wealthy, generous, indebted and one who leads his kin.

Paaschaatya Math (Western Thought): He does not like light work. If Mars is in a stable location the person suffers from urinary infections, cardiac disorders and intestinal disorders. If it is in a dual sign the person suffers from chest and lung infections. If it is in a passive sign the person suffers from fear of fire, baldness, and upset stomachs. His servants are wicked and if Mars is under any malicious influence there is a strong risk of the person dying in an accident. He has a capacity for much work.

Unknown: Prasiddhaha karyasamarthaha shatruhantaa putravaan. Saptavimshativarshe kanyaakaashrachaadityta ushtravaan. Paaparkshai papayute papadrishte purnafalaani vaatashulaadirogaha budhakshetre kushta rogaha. Shubhadrishtre parihaaraha. He gets glory and has the courage to achieve any task. His enemies are destroyed and he has sons. At the age of 27 he has a daughter and acquires camels and horses. If Mars is malefic then all the unpleasant traits manifest and if it is in Gemini or Virgo the person contracts leprosy. If there is any auspicious influence the leprosy is warded off.


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