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Mars & Mercury: Mars in Various Houses, Chapter III, Part - 8


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Shaunak: Purviyerye khachare tritiyabhavane drishte cha purnesthava. Pashchaat putrasamudravo nigaditaha purva hi kanyobhadavaha. Saurikshetravinashtha garbhakaranam vikhyaatmantrishwaram bhaume. If there is any malefic influence in the Third House with Mars or even if alone the person first has daughters then sons. If Mars is in the sign of Saturn, the person’s wife miscarries the child. The person is a famous minister.

Brihadyavanajaatak: Katharathaha trayabdesajanukshinisutonuja mrichcha vishwe. At the age of 13 the person’s younger brothers begin suffering.

Punjaraj: Kujo va tadaasthibhangam vishajam bhayam cha karoti daahajvalaancha chinham. Fractured bones, poisoning and scars caused by serious burns.

Ramdayal: The same as Punjaraj.

Narayanabhatt: Kuto baahuveerya kuto baahulakshmi stritiyo na chenmamangalo bhraatavaanaam. Sahotthayathaa bhanyate kena teshaam. Tapashrayayaa chopahaasyaha katham syaath. Extreme valour, wealth, meditative skills and suffering of his friends, is the situation of a person ruled by Mars.

Jeevanath: The same as Narayanabhatt.

Gholap: An excellent poet and one who destroys his enemies.

Yavanmath: He gets wealth, gems, clothes and a house.

Parashar: Vikrame bhraatrimaranam dhanalaabham sukham yashaha. Brother’s death, wealth, happiness and glory.

Hillajaatak: Trayodashe bandhu saukhyaha, tritiyaha kurute kujaha. He getes the happiness of a brother when he is 13.

Paaschaatya Math (Western Thought): He is fearful of vehicles, trains, and cars. He quarrels with relatives and neighbours. He falls into ruin after signing on some legal document. He is quarrelsome and argumentative by nature. He is intelligent but a coward. If Mars is in this position in any sign but Capricorn, the person can suffer from psychotic ailments. If Mars is in a malefic influence, the person is caused much suffering by his in laws and he suffers during travel. He can end up becoming very poor.

Unknown: Swastree vyaabhichaarini. Shubhadrishte na doshaha anujaheenaha. Dravyalaabhaha. Raahuketuhute vaishyasangamaha. Bhraatridweshi kleshayuktaha subhagaha alpasahodaraha. Paapayute paapaveekshanena bhraatrinaasham utpaadh sadhonihitaha. Ucche swakshetre shubhayute vaa bhraata deerghaayuhu matidhairyavikramavaan yuddhe shooraha. Paapayute mitrakshetre ghritimaan. Nripamaanaha ripunaashaha nirankushaha nityam mahotsavahha. His wife is debauched but not if Mars has any auspicious influence over it. He has no younger brothers but lots of wealth. If Mars is with Rahu the person has a tendency to consort with prostitutes. He has few brothers, incurs their anger, suffers and is good looking. If Mars is with any malefic influence, the person’s brothers are destroyed and some even die at birth. In Capricorn, Aries or Scorpio or if it is in any auspicious influence the person is capable of unrivalled valour in war. If it is a malefic influence but in the house ruled by a friendly planet the person is given to deep thought, is capable of acquiring supernormal powers. He is patronized by the king and his enemies are destroyed. He cannot bear anyone else’s success and only does as he deems fit. His house is content and peaceful.


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