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Mars & Mercury: Mars in Various Houses, Chapter III, Part - 7


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Charubel has said about the 15th phase of the ascendant that – “at this time the telescope is focused towards the sky. These people are scientists or astrologers. Sagittarius ascendant is the sign of astrologers”. In addition, the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune are in the Fifth House along with Mars in the House of Wealth. This means whatever ill omens the person utters will come true. Nothing good that he predicts comes true.

Sure enough, four years after he delivered his prediction my wife died and by then the millionaire was as foretold, begging for alms.

In stark contrast was the case of Mr. Nevatheji where Jupiter was the lord of the House of Wealth. Whatever good things he predicted came true and whenever he predicted death or loss of wealth it never took place. Hence, astrologers should look at their own horoscopes and deliver only those predictions, which tend to come true in their case. Now took at one example of Mars in the Second House delivering only benefits to a person:


The Duke of York, born on 14-12-1895 between 3 and 5 a.m. in London.

Mars in a feminine sign is in the House of Wealth. Hence he got a superlative title. Astrologer Ratmath has said that if a retrograde Mars is in the influence of a malefic planet in the Second House the person has a very strong libido.

Mars in the Third House

Acharya and Gunakar: Mativikramavaan tritiyage. The person is intelligent and brave.

Parashar: Agrajam prishtam ja hanta sajasthom dharaasuthaha. His brothers – older and younger – die.

Kalyanavarma: Shoorobhavatyadhrishyo mudaanvitaha samastagunabhaajanam khyaataha. He is brave, fearless, content, virtuous, talented and dignified.

Aryagranth: Krishatanusukhabhaagi tungabhaumo vilaasi. Dhanasukhanaraheeno neechapaapaarigehe vasati sakalpoorne mandire kutsiteshcha. Lean body, happiness, If Mars is exalted the person has a lot of land and property and if not the person’s wealth and happiness are destroyed. He has a good house but a mean nature.

Baidhyanath: Ashattha matirdurgashrichkyayaate. He is simple.

Jayadeva: Nripakripaha sukhavittaparaakrami bhavayutosanujadukhayutaha. King’s patronage, happiness, wealth, valour are the signs. The younger brother dies.

Kashinath, Mantreshwara and Jaageshwar: The same as Jayadeva.

Gart: Bhaginyausubhagedau cha kroorena nidhanam gate. Kumrityunaa bhraatrau dwau mritau shastraadibhistathaa. He has two beautiful sisters but they die soon. Two brothers also die of injuries from weapons.

Gopal Ratnakar: He is poor and if Rahu is with Mars then the person leaves his own wife in pursuit of debauchery with other men’s wives. He is brave valiant, feared by foes and beloved of his relatives.


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