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Mars & Mercury: Mars in Various Houses, Chapter III, Part - 9


Dr. Shanker Adawal

My Thoughts: The Third House is the place for valour where most astrologers have ascribed only beneficial things. But almost all of them have listed the property of friends or brothers getting injured. What Acharya, Gunakar and others have said is applicable to feminine signs. But unhappiness is a property seen only in masculine signs. What Hillajaatak, Brihadyavanajaatak, Punjaraj, Garg, Shaunak, Ramdayal, Baidhyanath and Parashar said are also applicable to masculine signs. Let us examine an example of a horoscope where Mars is in the Third House.

Duke of Windsor, born on 23-6-1895 at 10 p.m. in London.


Mars is in the Third House with Rahu and therefore in pursuit of a woman he abdicated the throne. Since Jupiter is in the Fifth House with influences of Venus and Neptune also played a role in it since Mars is in a water sign in this horoscope. An old poem goes like this: If Mars is in a feminine sign, the person’s beloved ones get happiness. If it is in a masculine sign then it is his sisters who benefit.

My Experience: If Mars is in a masculine sign, the person’s mother dies and he gets a stepmother. If it is in any feminine sign except Capricorn, the person’s brothers live. If it is in a masculine sign the person cannot have a younger brother at all. The mother either miscarries or has a daughter. If a brother is born after the sister, he may live. But this person’s relationship with the younger brother will be unhappy always. There is a dispute over division of property. Ordinarily it does not get to a stage where they have to approach a court but if Mars is in a masculine sign then there is a bitter court room battle to resolve the issue of inherited wealth and its division. In Aries, Capricorn or Scorpio, Mars in the Third House renders a person unstable for life. Since he is brutally honest, he is disliked by most people. In feminine signs, usually the person is selfish and wicked. He has to give up his property and has no concern for the well being of his family.

Mars in the Fourth House

Acharya and Gunakar: Visukhaha peeditamaansashrachaturthe. He is unhappy and suffers from anxiety.

Kalyanavarma: Bandhupariche darahito bhavati chaturthesarthavaahana viheenaha atidukhaisampataha paragrihavassi kuje purushaha. He does not have a good family, lacks wealth and vehicles, has to live in other people’s houses and is very unhappy.

Garg: Kuje bandhau bhoomyaajeevo naraha sada. He is a farmer all his life but travels a lot.

Kashinath: Chaturthe bhoosute krishnaha pitadhikyosarinirjitaha. Vrithat no heenaputro mahaakaami cha jaayate. He is dark, of pitha constitution, and is always defeated by his enemies. He travels for no reason, has no sons but is very lustful.

Jaageshwar: Sabhaume vidagdham vibhagnam, yada mangalo tooryabhaavam prapatre sukham kim naraanam tatha mitrasaukhyam. Katham tatra chintyam dhiya dheemataa vaa param bhoomito laabhabhaavam prayaati. His house is in shambles, and can be burnt down. He has no friends and is unhappy. He is stupid but benefits from land.

Baidhyanath: Streenirjitaha shauryavaan. Neechasaraatoi kuje sukhe syaadagri ho naraha. He is only as brave as woman. He does not have a house of his own.

Brihadyavanajaatak: Dukham suhridavaahanataha pravaasaatkalevare rugbalataabalitvam. Prasutijkaale kila mangalesminn rasaatalasthe falamuktamaadhyaihi. He is unhappy with friends, vehicles or travel. He is diseased and weak. His brother suffers when the person is eight.


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