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Mars & Mercury: Mars in Various Houses, Chapter III, Part - 10


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Aryagranthakar: Jada matiratideeno bandhusansthe cha bhaume nabhavati kula aaryerbudhaheenotidukhahi. Bhramati sakaladesho neechasevaanuraktaha paravashaparadaare lubdhachitaha sadaiva. Stupid, deprived, one who cannot get on with kinsfolk or elders, unhappy, one who travels everywhere, serves the wicked, keeps aloof of people and one who lusts after other men’s wives.

Mantreshwara: Vimaatri. He is influenced most by his mother.

Parashar: Chaturthe bandhumaranam shatruvriddhirdhanavyayaha. His brother dies, his foes increases and he loses all his wealth.

Jayadeva: Asukhavaahanadhaanyadhano jano vikaladheehi sukhage sati bhoosate. He does not get vehicles, wealth, intelligence or happiness.

Vasishtha: Bhaumaha suchiram chaturthe. His clothes are good.

Punjaraj: Aaraha sabalashrutchaturthe pitajwaro vaa vranarugjananyaatha. Bhavetritaantaha manujo vrinaartha paashvesthavaare dahanena dagdha. If Mars is weak, the mother suffers from pitha ailments. His body is full of scars and injuries especially burns on the back. People in his mother’s maternal home suffer from poisoning or injuries by weapons.

Ramdayal: It is the same as Punjaraj.

Narayanabhatt: Kripaavastrabhoomirlabhet bhoomipaalaat. He enjoys the King’s patronage and gets clothes and land because of it.

Gholap: He suffers greatly in a foreign land.

Gopal Ratnakar: His parents suffer illnesses and also financial losses. If Mars is exalted, the person travels in man pulled vehicles. Secrets from his house are not made public. He is a bonded labourer and may injure a woman.

Hillajaatak; Chaturtho budhahaanishcha haayane chaasta me dhruvam. His brother dies when he is eight.

Yavanmath: If Mars is weak the person will suffer greatly in old age. The person tends to quarrel with his parents and is forever caught up in domestic problems. There is a fear that his house will collapse or burn down. He is dangerous by nature and has long limbs. He is victorious in war but unkind and debt ridden.

Paaschaatya Math (Western Thought): He travels a lot, is quarrelsome, injures his parents and is unhappy. If Mars is in an auspicious influence the person is happy throughout his life. But even then, his life and behavior are marked by quarrels. He is crazed and makes a lot of mistakes. He is brave but prejudiced. If Mars is in a malefic influential the person can have one or many accidents.

Unknown: Grahachiddram. Ashtame varshe pitririshtam maatrirogi. Saumyayute paragrihavaasaha. Shareerakashtam Kshetraheenah. Dhanadhaanyaheenaha jeernagrihavaasaha. Ucche swakshetre shubhayute mitrakshetre vaahanavaan kshtravaan maatri deerghaayuhu. Neecharkshe paapamrityyute maatrinaashaha bandhujanadweshi swadeshaparityaagi vastraheenaha bandhurahitana shauryavaan streebhirjitaha. Therer are many strange incidents at his house. When he is eight his father dies and his mother contracts all manners of serious illness. If Mars is with Mercury the person has to live in other people’s houses. He suffers from physical illnesses. He does not have wealth, home or property. He lives in broken hut. In Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn, in conjunction with an auspicious influence, the person has vehicles and some agricultural land. His mother may then live long. In Cancer or in the eighth phase of Aries the mother is certain to die. The brothers and relatives suffer his anger and he lives his home country to travel abroad. He is brave but lusts after women.


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