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Mars & Mercury: Mars in Various Houses, Chapter III, Part - 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Parashar: Swe dhananaashanam. There is loss of wealth.

Hillajaatak: Dhanahaanirdwaadashosabdhe dhanasthshsrcha mahisuthaha. There is loss of wealth at the age of 12.

Gopal Ratnakar: Harsh voice, unwarranted expenditure, extreme anger, inherited wealth (only applies to Cancer or Leo ascendant).

Yavanmath: Has no wife or sons. The person is poor, brave in battle, anxious, disfigured and ugly, unkind, and forever in debt.

Gholap: He suffers losses from trading in cows, horses, sheep and vehicles. He has no sons, is disfigured and has many illness.

Paaschaatya Math (Western Thought): The person acquires wealth from building work, machine parts, trading in cattle, farming wood or coal trade, as a medical practitioner and in the navy. If Mars is beneficial or in an auspicious influence the person gets great wealth. If not the person suffers incredible losses and destruction and mental tension. He also gets several diseases.

Unknown: Vidhyaaheena laabhavaan. Shashtaadhpena yutaha timshthati cheta netra vaipareetyam bhavati. Shubhadushte parihaaraha. Swochhe swakshetre vidhyaavaan netravilaasi. Tatra paapayutakshetrer paapadushte netra rogaha. Kudantaha. Nripavanhichoraat bhayam. Vibhavakshayaha kaaminikashtam bhavati. Tatra paapayute paapakshetrre paapadrishtrekaaminiheenaha. He has no education but lots of wealth. If Mars is with the ruler of the Sixth House, the person has a flawless physique. But if any auspicious influence is over Mars this will not be the case. If Mars is in Capricorn or Scorpio, the person has good eyesight and a successful education. If Mars is under any malefic influence or in a hostile space, the person suffers from eye infections, dental problems, fear of king, thieves and fire, and his wife gives him much suffering. If the ruler of the Second House is malefic the person, will not get a wife at all.

My Thoughts: Acharya, Gunakar and Kalyanavarma say the person has to make do with inferior food, this is true for masculine signs. Similarly what Baidhyanath and Garg say are also applicable to masculine signs. But Garg’s statement about travel and wealth can apply to feminine signs asa well. Aryagranth, Jeevanath, Kashinath, Jaageshwar, Hillajaatak, Yavanmath, Brihadyavanajaatak and Gholap’s statements all hold true only for feminine signs. The Western Though about agriculture, cattle trader and construction trade apply to Gemini, Libra and Aquarius whereas the portions about machinery, wood and coal trade and applicable to Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The bit about disease free, and medical practice applies to Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.


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