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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

 d) Status/Ruler:

1) with 8 bindus or exalted/OH (5-6 bindu) – millionaire. In addition if it is in 1H, 2H or 10H ruler or head of a government. If exalted/OH with 8 bindus a powerful ruler or a king.

2) with 4 or more bindus in 1/5/8/9/10-sign native becomes equivalent to king.

3) Head of state if with 5 bindus is in conjunction with or in mutual aspect with.

4) with 5 or more bindus conj. Or aspected by Moon makes one head of 2-3 villages.

5) Success in army: with 4 bindus:

i) in 10H aspected by (Head of Army);

ii) in 4H and OH (head of fortress);

iii) in 10H and OH (commander in chief).

e) as 2L in 6H with 6 bindus – enjoys life to the hilt but have many enemies.

I) Transit time of in a sign having highest bindus in its BAV will be good for buying lands, houses and other immovable properties and for starting litigation.

II) Transit of in a Kakshya with a bindu in its AV bestows health and wealth to native.

III) Transit of in a binduless Kakshya cause indigestion, headaches and diseases due to blood impurities and bile imbalance.

IV) It is beneficial to locate kitchen in the direction of sign having highest bindus in ‘s BAV.

V) One will be adopted son if with few bindus as LL or 8L is in Lag. Or Lag. Or in 9H/10H with debilitated/inimical planet.

4 ‘s A.V.: - Excellence in speech (by 2nd from but 2nd from Lagna is equally important), family, wealth, children relatives (by 4th from), spiritual attainments, learning, writing,intelligence (5th from), profession (10th from).

a) Astrologer: (in ‘s AV)

i) with 5 bindus in 4/6th from & 2H aspected by.
ii) in sign with at least 3 bindu (in ‘s BAV) in 5h or with 5L.
iii) (in Kendra/Tikona) with 5 or more bindu & conj. Or aspected by or – learned in scriptures.

b) Litterateur: with 4 bindus in sign of and in the navamsha of and aspected by. Ex: in Aries (7th navamsha) or in Scorpio (4th navamsha).

c) Great logician: with 5 bindus conj. And is in association or aspected by.

d) Speech: As per bindus in 2nd from (see 2nd from Lagna also):

i) 8 bindus – unassailable in speech.

ii) 7 bindus – great poet

iii) 4,5 or 6 bindus – powerful and agreeable speaker

iv) 2 or 3 bindnus – unsteady or incoherent speech.

v) 0 bindu – mute or unable to express himself.

vi) Speech quality as per nature of planet contributing bindus – benefics contributing the bindus give sweet, harmonizing speech and malefics contributing the bindus give deceitful, arrogant speech. Planet wise speech is:

1) : imposing, wise counsel
2) : weak – sluggish, full of doubts and strong – coherent speech
3) : vain-glorious and cause discord
4) : sweet and clever speech
5) : distinct and wise speech
6) : charming and delightful speech
7) : vile, deceptive, improper at wrong time

a) With less bindus – lack of intelligence; and such Mer in 6/8/12 H or debilitated etc. – uneducated; with high bindu – learned wealthy, strong, well placed etc.

b) Propitiation of Vishnu:
i) Placement in the direction of sign having highest bindus in ‘AV.
i) Timing when the above sign is rising.

c) Learning new science/knowledge: (‘s SP x Bindu in 5th from) x 1/12; R-from aries gives rashi ((for ‘s transit) or D/AD – for benefic result of education, friends, arbitration, authorship etc.

d) Misunderstanding with relatives, mental worries in: (‘s SP X Bindu in 4th from) X 1/27; R from Ash., transited by etc.

e) Education, literary work, debates, business, starting of litigation etc. is started when transit a sign having maximum bindus in its BAV. The month in which the transit such sign is also good.

f) Disappointment/ business loss: (‘s SP x Bindu 10th from) x 1/27; ‘s transit on R – from Ash. Or it’s trine.

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