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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

b) Take 9th from as Lagna for father and interpret father’s house significations accordingly.

c) Total no. of bindus in:

i) 4 signs beginning from the sign occupied by the Sun (A – first part of day);
ii) the next four signs from the 5th (B-second part of the day); and
iii) the next four signs from the 9th (C-the 3rd part of the deay)
iv) If A is > B and C than first part of the day is good for auspicious work such as performing marriage, interviewing important persons etc. Similarly for B and C. The part of the day with least total is rejected for any good work.

2 ‘s AV:
a) Riches: in 6H/11H with 6 more bindus; in Kendra with 7 or more bindus – Richness, philanthropist (‘s aspect), powerful and wealthy. When is waxing even 5 bindus make him fairly rich.
b) Muhurata – Time of transit of in signs with 6 or more/highest bindus is auspicious for:
i) ceremonies like tonsure, marriage;
ii) to employ assistants;
iii) to begin studies and
iv) to make friends.
v) These action when transit Rashis with 1,2 or 3 bindus prove fruitless.

c) Affliction to Mother:
i) Rahu in 2nd and with less bindus (1,2 or 3 bindus) in 7th or 8th give frequent ill health to mother.
ii) with less bindu in 4th or 8th from gives separation from mother.
iii) Mother’s death in 36th year if with less bindu in Kendra or in 12th house and 4H with malefics.
iv) Waning with no bindu in 7th, 8th or 12th house give early death to mother.

d) No. of brothers and sisters of mother by no. bindus in 4th from – bindus by male planet indicate brothers and rest sisters.

e) Compatibility:
1) of girl in sign having maximum bindu in ‘s AV of the boy or vice versa.
2) Girl’s –sign is the one where KL of boy’s has given a bindu in boy’s AV.
3) Lagna or –sign of boy in sign having highest bindu in girl’s AV.
i) This can be used for friends, superior, subordinates, teachers, students, king or wife.
ii) Good to have first sight of such person in the morning.
iii) Gift of clothes etc. to such person showers prosperity on native.

f) Reverse when is bereft of or with less sbindus isn his AV.

3 ‘s AV:
a) (SP of x Bindu in 3rd from in ‘s BAV)/12; R-from Aries onward – ‘s transit bring prosperity/fortune to brothers.

b) Denial of siblings:
i) Bindu-less debilitated/ comb. /malefic afflicted.
ii) & in Lag. With less bindu.
iii) with less bindu in 8th from or vice versa.
iv) in 8th from & malefic in 3H – both with less bindus.
v) Death: or with less bindu in 3H by abortion.
vi) 3L or ‘s dispositor:
1) in odd sign – brother.
2) in even sign – sister

c) No. of brothers/sisters: Equal to no. of bindus and surviving ones after deducing bindu by debilitated/ EH planets in ‘s BAV:
i) 3rd from or
ii) ‘s sign or
iii) sum of bindu in 3rd from & eL.
iv) Bindus contributed by male and female planets represent no. of brothers and sisters.

b) Denial of siblings:
1) with 6 bindu in 6/8/12H and deb. Or combust and joined by waxing. (He may become head of town or a municipal corporator).
2) with 4 bindu in Kendra or in 5H.

c) Loss of siblings: There will be loss of siblings if:

1) or with less bindu is in 3H (by abortion). If 3L or dispositor of is in odd sign, brother will die; if it is in even sign a sister will die.
2) with no bindu conjunct 7L and deb. Or combust or with malefics.
3)and with less bindu are in Lagna.
4) with less bindu is 8th from or vice versa.
5) is 8th from and malefics in 3H both with less bindus.

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