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5 ‘s A.V.:
- Longevity, acquisition of wealth, progeny, destruction of enemy etc. (5th from for education, learning, wealth, religion and also children)
a) Transit of over a sign having maximum bindus in its BAV is good for:
i) Spiritual initiation
ii) Making penance
iii) Initiating studies in Vedas
iv) Earning money
v) Performance of religious ceremonies, and
vi) Begetting children

b) Direction of above sign is good for keeping jewels and money. Rising time of above sign is good for doing prayers, spiritual activities. Sexual inter course at this time will result in birth of a child.

c) Progeny:
i) 5L – 8L devoid of bindu & no benefic ‘s aspect – trouble from children.
ii) Dispositor of 5L with 5 bindu or more – a son will be beacon of the family. If deb. And with less bindus son will be treacherous to father.
iii) 5L afflicted & with 1-3 bindu – sinful son.
iv) LL in 2H or 9H, with 5 or more bindus is in Kendra – father attains eminence through son.
v) If Moon with less bindus is in 6th or 8th from one will be in debt and sorrows even if born under a RY.
vi) Sun in least bindu sign in ‘s AV – struggle hard to rise in life and usually meets with failure.
vii) Transit time of Sun over sign with high bindu in ‘s AV is good for auspicious ceremonies.

d) Dispositor of:
i) Exalt/OH with 5 or more bindus makes him prominent among rulers.
ii) With four or more bindus in Kendra or Tikona makes him rich and fortunate in family life.
iii) With 5 or bindus in 6/8/12H gives acquisition of wealth, victory over enemies and good longevity.
iv) With less bindus in 6th or 8th from gives poverty or poor means.

e) Birth of child:
1) ‘s transit over:
i) KL of husband gives a bindu in 5th from in wife’s/own horoscope, then transit of over that sign – year of birth/Son.
ii) Over sign of KL of 5L from.
iii) ‘s transit over Navamsha or its trine of husband’s KL – Solar month of birth.
iv) [(‘s BAV after reduction)] x (Bindu in 5th from) /12; R from Aries – month of birth (If R is 1-Aries gives month of Aries from 13 Apr to 12 May etc.).
v) Over Rasi/Navamsha:
1) 5L from Lag,
2) 5L from Gulika.
3) 5H from Lag.

f) ‘s Transit over R – asterism/sign or trine of:
i) (‘s SP X Bindu in 5th from) X 1/27 or 1/12
ii) ‘s SP/27; R- from Ash. Or from Danishta if strong in Navamsha
iii) (‘s SP X 4)/12 R – Month of birth.
iv) (‘s SP X 7) /27 R – Nak. Of birth.
v) (‘s SP X 9)/12 R – Asc. Of child.

g) No. of Children:
i) No. of bindu in sign occupied by 5 L from or 5H from Lag. (Deduct bindu of debilitated/EH /comb. /enemy of 5L from /debilitated sign lord of 5L from & add for exalted/Oh/FH); conduct/nature, male/female according to nature/male/female of planets giving bindu.
i) 5th from has more bindus by planets in ‘s sign/Navamsha – adopted issue.
ii) [(‘s BAV after reduction) –(Bindu of Rsai occupied by malefic)] – number of children.


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