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I) Progeny denial:
i) 5th with less than 25 SAV in even sign and aspected by malefics only and natal moon in even sign. (strength of 5L be also seen)

II) Progeny loss:
i) with 1-3 bindus in Lag./Tikona/OH with malefic – loss of children.
ii) in 6/8/12H & no bindu in 3/5th from afflicted – loss of children.

Important Note: The AV provides clue to the number, sex and probable time of birth. But the promise in birth chart strong 5H/5L, putra karaka Beej/Kshetra Sphuta etc. must be seen first. In case they are afflicted AV results will be negated.

6 ‘s AV:
- conveyance, wealth, comforts, happiness, marriage etc.

1) Transit of over sign having highest bindus in its BAV good for:
i) Learning of music.
ii) Celebration of marriage.
iii) Purchase of clothes, beddings etc.
iv) Direction of the above sign is good for bedroom in a house, for getting a bride and for meeting distinguished persons.

a) Happiness, longevity, progeny and good fortune if bride is from above sign’s direction. Miseries, sorrow and illness would result if bribe is from direction indicated by least bindu sign in ‘s BAV.

b) Wife’s complexion, appearance and qualities according to Nav. Lord of or Nav. Lord of and virtues according to 7L.

(c) Happy and loving conjugal life is indicated when 7th from has a bindu from his/her birth Nak. Or its trine.

(d) Matching: for happy, loving, compatible marriage:

1) sign of girl is the one where a bindu is contributed by KL of in ‘s AV of boy or vice versa.
2) Birth Nak., Lord (or its trine) of wife contribute a bindu in 7th from in boy’s AV; if such bindu is by:
i) (i.e. wife’s birth Nak. Is owned by i.e., Krittika, P. Phalguni, P. Ashada) – dear to husbands as his soul.
ii) – great mental compatibility.
iii) – she stands shoulder to shoulder with her husband is struggle of life.
iv) she would be obedient & agreeable.
v) (does not contribute a bindu in 7th from therefore apply thus if a bindu by is in 7th from Lag.) – sexual appetite machining with husband.
vi) – she would be willing to serve husband like a slave.
vii) All above rules are applied on 7th from Lagna also.

3) Girl’s in a sign where bindu is contributed by 7L from in boy’s AV or vice-versa (for sexual compatibility).

4) sign of girl to have max. bindu in:
i) husband’s ‘s AV (for mental compatibility)
ii) husband’s SAV (for overall compatibility).

5) Marriate Time:
a) Early marriage:
i) with 4 or more bindus in Kendra or Tikona, unaspected by Mars.
ii) with 5 bindus deb. In Rashi or Nav. And aspected by Mars.

b) ‘s transit over R or trine of (‘s SP X No of bindu in 7th from) X 1/27 R – Nak. Or 1/12 R – sign.

6) Fatality:
a) ‘s transit in above.
b) ‘s transit over R or trinal of (‘s SP X Bindu n 7th from) x 1/27.
c) ‘s transit over R or trinal of (‘s SPO X Bindu in 7th from) x 1/27 etc.

7 Disturbed Conjugal Life:
a) Influence of or on with less bindu/ in 6/8/12H – suspicious character.


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