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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

I Transit Over Houses:

1 From
2 From Lagna (results more individualized)
i) Father son duo i.e. or don’t cause vedha.
ii) c.f. from s India where is benefic in 6, 8, 12H from.
iii) Veepreet vedha – when there is planet at any of its vedha place it is inauspicious & if  there is any other planet in corresponding good house – its evil is obstructed. Ex: in transit is 9H from natal Moon, it is inauspicious. But if there is a planet in 3H (‘s good house) then the evil of being in inauspicious house is obstructed i.e. cancelled.

II Murthy Nirnaya:
1 Of any planet – by position of in transit from natal at the time of ingress of a planet in a new sign during transit – indicate nature of period during the transit of the planet in that sign:

Note: The Murthy Nirnaya given above is different from Birth Paya – i.e. Paya at the birth time according to Moon’s Nakshatra as follows:

III Transit Rules: All transits are subservient to the static promise in Natal & sequence of Dasha/AD. These must be examined first before transit analysis.
1 A planet transiting good house in his:
i) exal. /OH/FH give very good / good /ordinary results respectively.
ii) EH/deb. – no good result.

2 A planet transiting bad house in his:
i) exal. /OH/FH – mild bad results.
ii) Eh/deb. – maximum miseries.

3 Functionally benefic.
i) in good house – good.
ii) In bad house – evil.

4 Functionally malefic in:
i) good house – feeble good.
ii) bad one – maximum evil.

5 Benefic aspect on transiting planet – increase in good & vice versa.

6 Natural benefic retrograde:
i) in good house – intensify good.
ii) in bad house – minimum evil.

7 Nat. malefic rete.
i) in good house – neutralize good result.
ii) in bad house – intensify evil.

8 A planet transit in good house is combust / hemmed between mal. (Papakartari) good result not felt; in bad house – intensify evil.

9 A planet transit good house has benefic planet in 4, 5, 8, 9H – full good; in bad house reduced evil. (vice versa for malefic planet in 4,5,8,9 H from transiting planet)

10 Effect of a planet’s transit in a sign, if the planet is:

IV Bhava fructification:
1 LL or Bhava Karaka transits Natal Bhava or 5/9 to Natal Bhava /Lord of Natal D/9 position of Bhava Lord.
2 Transit of Bhava Lord over Lagna, 5/9 to Lagna or Navamsha Lagna or 5/9 to it.
3 LL & Bhava Lord conjunct or aspect each other during transit.
4 Bhava Karaka is conjunct with LL or sign Lord.
5 Bhava fructification (Auspicious):
i) ‘s transit ovewr 5/9 to Bhava Lord or its Navamsha
ii) ‘s transit over sum of Long.: (LL + Bhava Lord + Bhava Karaka)
iii) Transit of LL, Bhava Lord or Karaka over Bhava.
iv) Transit of LL over natal position of a planet fructify) good/bade as the case in natal) of the planet.
v) Conjunct LL & Bhava Lord in transit, if enemy, rivalry between relations signified by LL and Bhava Lord.
vi) Harmonious disposition of transiting planet from a Karaka gives benefic result in respect to Karkattwa (vice versa).

6 Bhava fructification (Inauspicious):
i) Transit of 8L from Bhava over Bhava – adverse for Bhava.
ii) ‘s transit over or over in Sagittarius or Pisces – adverse/misfortune.
iii) Transit of malefic over natal malefic are particularly harmful.

V Affliction by ‘s transit:

1 6H form the house being transited by (transiting is 8th from a particular house – destroy the signification of that house. Therefore that particular hosue is 6H from transiting) & also 6H from the 3 houses aspected by during transit – signification all the four (: i.e., 3rd, 6th, 8th & 12th H from ) suffer.

2 Transit or aspect of during ‘s transit.

3 Degree-wise transit of over natal planet. The transit effect of over natal position start at about 1o 40’ prior to natal position and lasts till 1o 40’ after (a total of 1o 40’ + 1o 40’ = 1 Navamsha). Main effect is felt when has crossed the natal position of the planet. The result affects:
i) Planet’s signification,
ii) House owned by it,
iii) house occupied by the planet.

4 Degree-wise transit of over 8th Lord of a house or 5/9 to 8L or signs aspected by 8L – mental anguish / nullification of that house.
i) Example: Transit over LL will affect the signification of 6H – LL being 8L from 6H. Similarly for others.

5 Transit of over sign /Navamsha of 8L/12L from any house or 5/9 from them – destruction of that house.

6 Depending up on benefic or malefic in the natal chart, the transit of over a house give good or evil fructification of that house; except ‘s (whether benefic or malefic in natal) transit on:
i) 8H – unemployment, suspension, losses, litigation, miseries, serious interest in profound scientific or occult subjects.
ii) 12H – demotion, frustration, losses, foreign travel, death of wife/relative, grief, neurotic fevers, depressions, serious interest in meditation mysticism and parapsychology.

7 Sadhe Sati:
i) Transit of over:
1) 12H from Lagna (First Dhayya- resides in head) – full aspect on 2, 6, 9H, mental ,physical, financial problems, domestic unrest, suffering to father, fortune decline, fear of disease.

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