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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

6. Dwadashamsha Chart (D12): Father, mother; I Division = 30o /12=2o30’

a) Link between past/future to differentiate between higher consciousness.

d) Parameters:
i) Parents
ii) Lagna, LL of D12: LL in 3H with in OH aspected by yogakaraka (4L/5L) show good progress of parents with native attached to them.
iii) In D12 is in 5H unafflicted good health of father but in 4H with exalted on axis show though mother is well placed but may have some sickness.

7. Trimshamsha Chart (D30): Miseries, troubles.

a) Miseries, happiness, Aristha, (General inauspiciousness)
1) Parameters:
i) Lagna, LL of D1: Lagna with (8L/9L) and LL in 11H aspected by malefic indicate disturbances in his health.
i) Lagna, LL of D30: LL in OH in 4H and Lagna with aspect of benefic show better health status and removal of arishtha indicated in D1.

2) Results of planets is own Trimshamsa:

i) : wealth, reputed, intelligent, happy.
ii) : Intelligence, art, philosophical, enterprise, respect.
iii) : many sons, happiness, wealth, beauty, vindictive, enjoying women.
iv) or in Trimshamsha of:
v) in ‘s Trimshamsha : war-like
vi) in ‘s Trimshamsha : virtuous

3) 8L of D30 benefic/malefic associated gives natural/unnatural death. 8L in benefic sign aspected by benefic give natural and peaceful death.

8. Dashamsha Chart (D10): Profession, career

a) For profession, destiny, trend success in life.

a) Parameters:

i) Lag., 10H, 2H, 11H of D1 and their Lords: Lagna with (8L/9L) and LL in 11H Aries aspected by its lord indicates good income by self-efforts. 2H with exalted and 2L in 3H again indicate good wealth from self-efforts through profession.
ii) Lagna of D10: In D10 LL in OH with (9L/12L) unafflicted ande 11L in MT sign and exalted in 10h indicate excellent income and professional growth confirming the D1 promise.
iii) Ruled by kingly planets and affluent one and.

b) Personality trait by the strong one:

i) sign lord is : Organizing abilities, diligent, team spirit etc.
ii) sign lord is : Wisdom, esteem, ambition, status, integrity etc.
iii) LL of D10 is : Interactivity, teamwork, tolerance.

d) Fructify during D/AD of planets influencing Benefic/2H/10H.

Worksheet – Bhava and Bhava Madhya (Cuspal) Chart
Add 1/6th
1H/2H junction
Add 1/6th
2H cusp
Add 1/6th
2H/3H junction
Add 1/6th
3H cusp
Add 1/6th
3h?4H junction
Add 1/6th
Long. of 4H (4H cusp)

By adding 6to cusps and house junctions of 10H to 1H cusps and house junctions of 4H to 7H and by adding 6s to cusps and house junctions of 7H to 10H are fixed. They are shown graphically.

B. Bhava Chart or Bhava Chalit Chart:

Rashi Chart shows the signs or rashis in which various planets are posited at the time of birth. The Bhava Chart or Bhava Chalit chart shows where the planets are actually posited according to the stretch of each bhava. As the planets not only exert influence on the stretch of their signs but also on the position in a particular bhava. In the Bhava Chart no place is given to the signs but bhavas (houses) and planet’s position in bhava is indicated within the span of each of the houses which may not coincide with signs.

C. Cuspal or Bhava Madhya Chart:

The cuspal chart shows placement of house cusps in various signs. It is coincident that in this case all the cusps have fallen in the same sign but quite often it so happen that more than one cusp fall in one sign. The result is that the lord of same sign becomes the lord of both the cusps.

It is from Rashi Chart that we see the position of planets in various signs, their aspect, conjunction and yoga. From bhava chart we see the position of planets in various Bhavas. From the cuspal Chart we see which planet is the lord of a particular cusp (bhava or house). If two cusps fall in the same sign then lord of that sign becomes the lord of both the houses.

It is shown below:

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