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 Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
2) Lagna (Second Dhayya resides in abdomen) – full aspect of 3, 7, 10H, ailments of middle part of body, disputes with siblings & partners, illness to spouse, marital unhappiness, loss to business, wealth, death of relative etc.

3) 2H from Lagna (Third Dhayya resides in legs) – affects 4, 8, 11H with full aspect, life span reduced.

a) First Cycle of Sadhe Sati: Extremely painful, obstacles and hardships of various kinds, trouble to parents.

b) Second Cycle of Sadhe Sati: Mediocre influence, success through struggle and labour, mental unrest, separation or loss of parents.

c) Third Cycle of Sadhe Sati: Extremely harsh results, tremendous physical hardships, fear of death, only fortunate survive.

d) Laghu Klyani Dhayya: Transit of on 4H from Lagna ( Ardhastama – affecting significations of 4, 6, 10 & Lagna) & 8H from Moon (Ashtama – affects significations of 8, 10, 2 & 5H)

e) Kantaka Saturn: Sat. in 4,7, 10H from Lagna – affecting houses aspected by Sat.

VI Sign-wise Arishta Period during Sadhe sati:

VII Transit of:

1. If a house is well aspected and good connection with & in natal – good period, acquisition of some desired object, good concerning the house transited; vice versa other wise.

2. connected with benefic or Yogakaraka, when transit such planet – sudden gain of wealth, winning of lottery etc.

3. Transit of over natal planet not beneficially connected – adverse fructification of the planet’s Karkattwa.

4. transit is generally bad for body and health.

5. Transit of over Natal for 2-1/4 days – financial trouble, mental tension. When goes to next sign – benefic results.

VIII Transit Ashtakvarga & Marriage Timing:

1 Transit Method:

a) Transit of & over one of the pair (in Natal):

i) LL/7L

ii) Lag./7H

iii) LL/7H

iv) Lag./7L

--- common period as year of marriage.

2 is conj. Or aspecting one of following natal pair (confirm the period):

1. & 5H

2. 5H & 5L

3. & 5L

4. 9H & 9L

5. ‘s transit over 1, 5, 9, 2, 11 or 7th from Lagna, or.

3 Transit over one of the pairs:

1. LL/7L

2. Lag/7H

3. LL/7H

4. Lag/7L

---Marriage within 45 days.

4’s longitude near to natal ‘s long. (degree only) – exact time.

5 Transiot of, LL & 7L over:

1. Lag/7H/7L or

2. 5th/7th/9th from them.

6. Transit of over: (Alternate method):

1. 7H in Rashi or Navamsha and 5/9th from them.


3. Signs trine to 7L Rashi and Navamsha signs.

4. and ‘s relation in transit with 5H, 5L and.

5 Transit of :

i) In Uttarayan (in 10 to 3 signs): Over Navamsha of or its trine & is aspected by in transit.

ii) In Dakshinarayan (in 4 to 9): Over Navamsha of or its trine and is aspected by in transit.

iii) Navamsha of LL and aspected by in transit.

6 Transit of:

i) Connection to or in Lag./7H or in signs of or.

2 Transit – Mathematical method:

i) ‘s transit over sum of longitudes of:

1. LL + 7L

2. + 7L

3. LL + 7L +

4. Depositor of ( + 7L)

ii) ‘s transit over (LL + 2L + Dispositor of)

iii) ‘s transit over or square (4/10) to:

a) (+Lag.-) for or not in 4/10H

b) (+Lag.-) +1s for or in 4H

c) (+Lag.-)-1s for or in 10H

3 Ashtakvarga method:

a) ‘s transit over 5/9 from natal or having 5 or more bindus in ‘s AV

b) ‘s transit over remainder (Nakshatra or sign or trines there from) of:

i) (Shodya Pinda of) x (Bindu in 7th from in ‘s BAV)/27 or 12.

ii) The Nakshatra and sign lords of above also gives DL/ADL of marriage.


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