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Effects of different Nakshatras (Especially for Females)

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

While getting to predictive astrology, Nakshatra at birth has a major say in the matters. The general charactiveristics of the native and other traits are broadly indicated by the Nakshtra in which one is born.

Some difference has been laid down by the sages in this matter with regard to Male natives and Female Natives.

Here, the broad significations of Nakshtras for Females are given for convenience of the readers:

Nakshatra means here the Nakshatra in which Moon transits at he time of birth. Suppose the longitude of Chandra at the birth is 3-10o – 15’ ie 10o of Karka, It will come to Pushyami Nakshatra – the Janma Nakshatra in Cancer.

1. Aswini (Ketu) – A femal born in this Nakshatra will be clever in domestic and other work, ohandsome, Soubhagyavati, loyal and faithful to her husband, dear to the members of her family, plumpy and will be loved by her husband.

2. Bharini (Venus) – Healthy, regular and punctual, will be blessed with wealth, children and other comforts. She will also be handsome and trust worthy.

3. Krittika (Sun) – She will be a voracious eater, mischievious, miser and an adulteress.

4. Rohini (Moon) – One born in this Nakshatra will be of good nature, will speak the truth, handsome, stable minded and wealthy.

5. Mrigsira (Mars) – Timid, clever, faithful, instable nature, cheerful and blessed with children and wealth.

6. Aridra (Rahu) – Cruel hearted, proud, ungrateful, sinful and quarrelsome.

7. Punarvasu (Jupiter) – Handsome, happy and comfortable, satisfied with what she gets, not very intelligent.

8. Pushya (Saturn) – Fortunate, wealthy, blessed with children learned, calm and clever in house hold duties.

9. Ashlesha (Mercury) – 1st quarter evil for her mother, non-vegetarian, ugly, instable mind, deceptive, ungrateful, violent.

10. Magha (Ketu) – Obeys her parents, wealthy, has many servants, hard working and pains taking.

11. Poorvaphalguni (Venus) – Sweet speech, wife of a king or a person of high status, handsome, playful, ocharitable.

12. Uttaraphalguni (Sun) – Fortunate, soubhagyawati, wealthy, well educated, blessed with children and other comforts, loved by her husband.

13. Hasta (Moon) – Bereft of shame and sympathy, fond of intoxicants, handsome, thief, instable mind.

14. Chitra (Mars) – Beautiful eyes, good morals, has many ornaments, loved by her husband.

15. Swati (Rahu) – Good natured, well behaved, sweet speech, religious minded, observes the prescribed fasts etc. Clever in business.

16. Visakha (Jupiter) – Handsome, good conversationalist, jealous. Birth in last quarter evil for the younger brother of her husband.

17. Anuradha (Saturn) – Always hungry, fond of wandering, wealthy, generally away from her husband (who perhaps has to go out of the native place for his livelihood).

18. Jyeshtha (Mercury) – Easily angered, first quarter of Nakshatra evil for the elder brother of her husband, satisfied with whatever she gets, performs religious ceremonies.

19. Moola (Ketu) – If born in last pada of this Nakshatra, she is evil for her father-in-law. Otherwise has patience and perseverance, violent, has all luxuries and comforts at her disposal. If born in 4th pade of this Nakshatra, she is very fortunate, wealthy, learned, popular, kind and religious minded.

20. Poorvashada (Venus) – Pious, good husband, wealthy, has all luxuries and comforts at her disposal and is blessed with children.

21. Uttarashada (Sun) – Humble, religious minded, grateful, fortunate blessed with children.

22. Shravana (Moon) – Has good general knowledge, well informed, famous for her good qualities and good deeds, wealthy, wife of handsome husband, blessed with children.

23. Dhanishta (Mars) – Soubhagyawati, increases family wealth, charitable, patient, clever in music.

24. Satabhisha (Rahu) – Conquers her enemies, frank, not under control of anybody, courageus.

25. Poorvabhadra (Jupiter) – Unhappy, keeps her husband under her control, learned, wealthy but miser.

26. Uttarabhadra (Saturn) – Wealthy, conquers her enemies, tactful, faithful to her husband, wealthy, blessed with children.

27. Revti (Mercury) – Respected everywhere, wealthy, fortunate, very handsome, has a beautiful body, is blessed with children.

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