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Know your wife personality through Astrology Science

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

 If you don’t consider the present – day High-profile society engaged at midnights (refer to the reported murder of Jasica Lal and a subsequent write up on such late night parties (Wednesday to Saturday-entry by code number etc. in the Hindustan Times dated 9th May, 99), still in India moral character of the spouce need to be maintained. Few person with perverted sex combinations cannot destroy the traditions and well laid foundations with regard to behaviour and character of wife.

2. Do not cherish any idea about your wife after reading the following astro analysis as the combinations speak of possibilities and may not happen at all on account of other position of planets, Nakshtra, day of birth, tithi of birth and so on. Further, the author takes no responsibility for any action one may take in any walk of his/her life.

3. Astrologically, moral character of wife of a person is to be judged from 7th house Lagna, the Sun, the Moon and Venus apart from the Lord of 7th house. The wife of a person is likely to have a loose character if the 7th house is a house owned by Mars or Saturn and is aspected by Mars/Saturn/Rahu without aspect etc. of Jupiter or other benefic. The character of wife shall be questionable when an afflicted Mars is in the 7th house, or Mars is hemmed by malefics without conjunction or aspect of any benefic.

4. Mercury, normally a neutral planet, is also responsible at times for loose character of wife. When afflicted, combust and malefic not Mercury in the 7th house and is under the benefic influence of Jupiter etc. the character of wife is stated by sages to be that of immoral.

5. Briefly, the following combinations become responsible for questionable/immoral character of wife:

i) When the Moon is in the 7th house in debilitation (Scorpio is the place for debilitation of the Moon) or the Moon gets to the house of an enemy and is afflicted.

ii) When the waning Moon in the 7th house is in debilitation and is under the influence of malefics and is in the house of enemy.

iii) When the Moon is in opposition to Mars or Saturn and is situated in the Mars/Saturn. This principle need to be verified.

iv) When Mercury is lord of the 7th house, is in debilitation or is in the house of enemy and situated in inauspicious houses i.e. 6th or 8th and is afflicted hemmed by malefics.

v) The evil effects may be minimized in (iv) if the combination is guarded in any manner by Jupiter.

vi) When the Mercury (iv above) is heavily afflicted, the wife may either get separated/divorced view depending on the position of her own Moon, may also kill the husband.

vii) When Mercury is afflicted/combust etc. and the 7th house is of Saggitarius (Dhanu) or of Pisces (Meena) – both the signs belong to Jupiter representative of husband and it has to be seen what is the strength of Jupiter.

viii) When the 7th house either belong to Mars or Saturn and 7th house is occupied by Venus and Moon.

ix) Sixth house rules extra-marital relations apart from the 12th house. But position of planets in the 6th, 7th and 8th house is very important in knowing about the character etc. of wife. See the relation of 6th Lord with 7th Lord and if both are under the influence of Mars/Saturn/Rahu or other malefics. In such a situation wife may have a paramour unless these planets are protected by benefics specially Jupiter. In some cases it has been seen that situation of a malefic in 6th house also suggest that paramour in the life of the native.

x) When the lords of 6th, 8th and 9th houses are in one house aspected by malefics or conjoined with malefics.

xi) When the lord of 5th is in 6th house and also afflicted by malefics, apart from illicit relations, even child may be from paramour of the wife.

xii) When the lord of the 7th house joins the lord of the 6th house and is afflicted by malefics, they result into a paramour in the life of the wife.

6. Without multiply the combinations, it would be better if position is explained by the following two horoscopes and even placement of few planets may justify unchaste character of the wife.

In Chart o. 1 the horoscope belong to a person whose wife had found to be of loose character and she also had a paramour. See afflicted Mercury is the load of 7th house and is conjoined with 6th Lord Venus. Saturn afflices by aspect. 6th House ruling extra-marital life of the wife is conjoined by two malefics Mars and Ketu. Seventh house of Venus is conjoined with Saturn and is aspected by Rahu and other malefics.

This Chart No. 2 also belong to person whose wife had been found to be of a questional character. 7th house from both Lagna and Venus is hemmed between and 7th Lord is afflicted by aspect of Saturn and Rahu. Malefic planet Saturn in the 6th add to the combination. Separation between husband and wife indicate in view of paramour’s involvement – Venus Lagna lord, Mars, lord of 7th house, involvement of 6th and 8th house.

Shanker Adawal
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  1. Gurudev, pranaam to you.I want you to look into my kundli and tell me what kind of wife will I get? Or at least, just tell me about her character and chastity.

    DOB: 11/04/1995
    Time: 6:52 AM
    Place: Katihar.

    Please take a look into it and tell me about my wife.

    I'd really be very grateful and thankful to you.

  2. Namaskaar Sir,
    Respected sir,
    I m not married,
    Sir I want to know whetherthere is any marriage yog in my horoscope,
    Sir if there is yog iIwant to know details related to my spouse,how will get her,her direction,her looks ,nature,her colour,her background etc
    Sir iIhave hheard there is method we could know even name or rashi,
    Sir plz help me to find and as Im leaving in jjoint family she will leave with me happily in joint family Sir,
    Name - Hemang,
    Place- malad east,Mumbai,
    Time-3:20 am,
    Thank you very much sir

  3. Dear sir,
    I m requesting you if any thing is bad tell me exactly so Icould accept truth and do remidies to reduce bad effect ,plz guide me and give some remidies for happy life,

    Sorry Vmuch sir,
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